NCT DREAM halts comeback promotions as Chenle and Jeno test COVID positive

NCT DREAM's Chenle and Jeno test COVID positive (Image via @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)
NCT DREAM's Chenle and Jeno test COVID positive (Image via @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)

Beatbox group NCT DREAM were hit by sudden news and have halted their comeback promotions this week. Members Chenle and Jeno tested positive for COVID on the evening of June 2 KST, stated SM Entertainment.

With the two members undergoing quarantine, the agency has decided to postpone scheduled activities instead of continuing without them.

The statement detailed that all activities, including but not limited to fan signs, music show performances, and radio show appearances, has been canceled. It also stated that the members had completed three doses of the vaccine.

The seven-member act made their comeback with their repackaged album, Beatbox, three days ago on May 30.

NCT DREAM’s Beatbox promotions were put on hold

Chenle and Jeno testing COVID positive on the evening of June 2 led to NCT DREAM's unanimous decision to cancel their comeback promotions. SM Entertainment updated fans about the changes in the schedule with a notice on the fan community, Lysn.

The company stated that Jeno felt sick before the scheduled fan call event despite receiving a negative on a self-tested COVID kit this morning. However, he received a positive result on a new self-test kit. He then took a rapid antigen test which returned the same result.

An excerpt from the statement reads:

“While the self-test kit Jeno took this morning before his scheduled activities came back negative, he wasn’t feeling well ahead of their scheduled video call fan signing and received a positive test after taking a new self-test kit. He immediately completed a rapid antigen test and was officially diagnosed with COVID-19.”

The remaining NCT DREAM members also took rapid antigen tests, and only Chenle tested positive.

Get well soon, Jeno and Chenle. We will be praying for your fast recovery. Please get a lot of rest and don't worry about us ~ we will be waiting for the both of you ♡ Don't forget to eat a lot of healthy foods.

Both the members are currently under self-quarantine and comply with the rules of health authorities. All scheduled activities for the group have been canceled for this week. These include fan signing events, music show promotions, and radio appearances.

NCT DREAM made their comeback with their repackaged album Beatbox with a title track of the same name on May 30. The music video for the main track currently sits at 37.9 million views. The group could only perform live on MCountdown before halting their activities.


Despite the album garnering a lot of positive attention, fans will have to wait for some time before the group returns with their promotions.

Fans send in wishes for Chenle and Jeno's quick recovery

get well soon, chenle and jeno!

Since the announcement, NCT DREAM fans have been sending heart-warming messages, and quick recovery wishes to Chenle and Jeno. They commented that they do not mind waiting for them as long as they return healthy.

To our dearest jungwoo, chenle and jeno, Get well soon to all of u. Get a rest, eat healthy foods and prioritize urself first. Do 't worry abt the cb, you guys need a rest first :) pls take care of yourselves and come back healthier and stronger. We'll wait for u guys
praying for jeno and chenle’s fast recovery 😭🙏🏻
get well soon jeno and chenle ☹️ hoping for a safe and speedy recovery ♡
wishing both jeno and chenle a speed recovery 🥺🤍 take all the rest that you need!
rest well and focus on your healthy guysss.. come back stronger and healthy. wishing you speedy recovery💚 JENO CHENLE GET WELL SOON
wishing speedy recovery for jeno and chenle 🥺💛
JENO CHENLE GET WELL SOON !!I'll pray for your fast recovery♡ ILSYM!

Meanwhile, more and more K-pop idols have been testing positive for COVID recently. Four members of TWICE, Nayeon, Momo, Tzuyu, and Mina, ONEUS’ Ravn and Keonhee, and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee contracted the virus in May.

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