NCT Lucas Wong's Advertisement spurs mixed feelings from netizens

NCT Lucas Wong
NCT Lucas Wong's advertisement spurs mixed feelings from Netizens (Image via Twitter/@XUXIUPDATES,@dfnam10)

The Seoul Forest station, which is the closest subway station to SM Entertainment recently saw a banner advertisement displayed for NCT Lucas Wong. According to Koreaboo, the advertisement had the caption:

"Even if the sky falls, there will be a hole that rises up. Even if the sky falls, there's sun that shines."

The image of Lucas in the advertisement was surrounded by flowers and a big heart and caught the attention of Korean netizens, most of whom were confused by it.

The idol was put on hiatus in 2021 after he was accused of cheating a previous reationship. Since he has been on hiatus and barely has had any activity in public, the sudden appearance of the banner has confused netizens and allowed them to take over Twitter with opinions and theories.

221217 A Lumi found Lucas Support AD which was made by @whereisLmissyou , Thank You for this beautiful ad! We are thankful to you for doing this Support Ads!🦁💛📍 Seoul Forest Station Gate - Suin/ Bundang Line, Seoul Forest station ticket gate.

NCT Lucas Wong garners attention following his advertisement banner

The advertisement was later revealed to be sponsored by a fan to showcase their love and support for Lucas despite the long hiatus. With his birthday coming up on January 25, 2023, Lumis (Lucas' fandom) have already begun planting advertisements and birthday projects for the idol.

So Lucas ads is really everywhere eventho not on his birthday???? Lmao haters will be annoyed so much 😭😭😭🤚🏻 Honestly I feel like it just international fans who still love him 😭🤚🏻 sorry I'm living on smol bubble.
@Koreaboo i’m confused someone tell me if i’m mistaken but didn’t they prove him innocent? just the company hasn’t put out a statement
@Koreaboo Yes. Lucas has still fans . So? Korean Netizens shoud look forward until 25/1 please. You guys will be shocked , repeat, he still has fans
@Koreaboo why are those people still hating on him when his already proved innocent? its not like his fans asking those ppl to act like he did nothing wrong. i swear to god most of the knets srsly are so annoying n arrogant.
@Koreaboo we don’t care about him
@Koreaboo We miss him very much 😭 #WeLoveYouLucas
@Koreaboo Can they just announce if he is till part of wayv or not. this silence is not helping
i meet another lucas ads today at seoul forest station🥺❤️

Following the news of the advertisement release, Twitter was filled with Netizens debating NCT Lucas' innocence with regard to his cheating scandal. While his innocence was proven months ago, some people still hold strong opinions on the issue given his popularity in the industry.

In 2021, NCT Lucas' former girlfriends came forth with confessions that he had cheated on them and misused them, taking advantage of them as his fans. With the first confession on August 23, many other women took to Twitter to hold Lucas accountable.

However, many fans found that most of the messages were fabricated and taken from his Bubble account (a fan-artist communication platform).

Lucas releases apology for cheating and gaslighting scandal + SM issues official statement

The cheating scandal spiked a lot of confusion about which confessions were true and which weren't, which garnered a lot of attention towards NCT Lucas. Lucas also took to Instagram to post a handwritten apology in both Korean and Chinese to express his regret. In the same post, he also announced his decision to pause his K-pop career to take time to reflect on his actions.

The ongoing debate over his innocence is still snowballing leading up to the cause of another commotion around the advertisement at the Seoul Forest Subway station. While some fans rejoice at Lumis still showcasing love and support for Lucas, others refuse to let go off their grudges that rose from his scandal.

As WayV rolls out its comeback with the release of teaser images, fans miss Lucas all the more since he's the only member missing from the group and NCT. With his last participation in the K-pop group dating back to the NCT 2020 Resonance Album, the little over a two-year hiatus has fans awaiting his return.

Though the idol has popped up on Lumis' feed with his few Instagram posts, they still patiently wait for NCT Lucas to resume his activities as a K-pop idol while fans continue to trend #WeLoveYouLucas every day.

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