Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead Slammed For Not Adding Trigger Warning

Netflix's All of Us Are Dead Season 1 shows students trying to escape the deadly zombies (Image via Netflix)
Netflix's All of Us Are Dead Season 1 shows students trying to escape the deadly zombies (Image via Netflix)

As viewers sat down to binge the Netflix’s series, All of Us Are Dead, the most traumatic thing they expected to witness was human-turned-zombies munching on their former friends. But in the first episode itself, long before the zombie apocalypse kickstarts, there are scenes of school bullying and sexual assault.

In episode 1 of All of Us Are Dead, a group of male students are seen bullying a female student and her helpless friend. The bullies force the girl to strip and make the cowering male student record a video of her on a cell phone. The assault continues until another male student passes by.

Viewers are not happy with All of Us Are Dead

The scenes were undoubtedly added to portray the contrast between humans and zombies, where the former doesn’t need to be infected with a virus to establish that they are the real monsters.

Netflix provided explicit trigger warnings for language and smoking as well as for the blood, gore, and violence caused by the zombies in All of Us Are Dead. But no such words of caution were given before the sexual assault and bullying scenes in the first episode.

This obvious lack of forwarning in advance disappointed the streamer’s subscribers, who have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Many criticized Netflix for failing to provide trigger warnings for the scenes, which were not only shocking but also would have been triggering for some people.

if you want to watch All of Us Are Dead, please be aware there is a sexual harassment scene on the first episode. it made me very uncomfortable and very triggering i have to stop watching.#AllOfUsAreDead #AllOfUsAreDeadEp1
netflix really needs to put more proper trigger warnings on their movies and shows. all of us are dead had so many scenes that are too much but i saw no signs of warning :/ like the sexual harassment in the first episode 😐
hmm started All of Us Are Dead and before you starting the show you should know that there is SA trigger. I'm about to throw up and I haven't even got to the gross zombies parts yet

But some straight out questioned the need for the above-mentioned scenario in a zombie horror series like All of Us Are Dead.

tw // sexual assaulti read some of the webtoon & so far i rlly like the netflix adaptation of all of us are dead, but i really wish they didn’t include scenes of sexual assault

Despite the criticisms aimed at Netflix for completely disregarding trigger warnings, the K-drama is topping the streamer’s trending chart across the globe.

It is already being labeled a massive hit. It has garnered majorly positive reviews from critics who have lauded it for putting a unique spin on the done-to-death zombie thriller genre.

As for the show’s future on the streamer, it looks like Netflix will be making it the next Korean series to receive a second season after Squid Game.

The open-ended climax of All of Us Are Dead, as well as the majorly positive reactions of viewers, do hint at an early renewal. But it took months for the streamer to officially confirm the swirling rumors about Squid Game Season 2. So, chances are, we will have to wait some time for All of Us Are Dead's second season announcement.

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