New s*xual assault allegations against former B.A.P member Himchan rise days after the idol pleaded guilty in current assault case

Former K-pop idol Kim Him-chan (Image via @chanchanieeeeee/Instagram)
Former K-pop idol Kim Him-chan (Image via @chanchanieeeeee/Instagram)

On May 26, former B.A.P member Himchan was accused of two more s*xual assault allegations, reported SBS news. The idol is currently undergoing a separate assault case since 2019, in which he recently pleaded guilty.

TW: S*xual assault.

Two women accused the 32-year-old K-pop idol of being drunk and s*xually assaulted them outside a pub's staircase in Hannam-dong, Seoul, on April 17. The idol’s acquaintance allegedly ran the pub.

The victims filed a complaint at Yongsan Police Station in Seoul within a few hours of the incident. Among the two women, one was a foreigner, reported SBS News.

The women reported that they met the former B.A.P member, Himchan, for the first time at the pub. They claimed they were waiting for their food outside, on a staircase, when an intoxicated Himchan took the mobile phone of one of the women and wrapped his hands around her waist, saying,

“Let’s go upstairs together.”

Another woman reported that the idol had touched her chest, and she had subsequently protested strongly against it.

“We are concerned that there will be other victims”: Two women accuse former B.A.P member Himchan of s*xual assault

Several other s*xual molestation accusations against former B.A.P member Himchan have risen amidst his current case of s*xual assault. The two women met the idol on April 17 and filed a complaint to Yongsan police station against the idol on molestation charges within hours of meeting him.

The women, one of whom is a foreigner, stated that they even complained to the owner about it. They claimed that the owner ordered a cab and sent him to his house. They soon heard that the idol was already undergoing trial for s*xual assault. They were also concerned that there might be more victims.

“Immediately after the incident occurred, we were so mad we complained to the owner. The owner then called a cab and sent Himchan, who was drunk, home. Soon after, we read Himchan was facing trial for a similar incident. We are concerned that there will be other victims.”

Meanwhile, the idol's lawyer refuted any s*xual intentions behind the physical touch. He cited the CCTV footage saying that the idol touched the alleged victim’s waist “for the sake of safety” and that it was “unavoidable.” He stated that the stairway was cramped when another customer entered. He also added an apology for the same.

“They were standing in a cramped stairway when another customer entered the stairways by opening a door. For the sake of safety, there was physical contact with one of the alleged victim’s waist. If she felt uncomfortable with it, we would like to apologize.”

He completely refuted the allegations of the former B.A.P member touching another woman’s chest.

“There was no contact with the other alleged victim’s breast. However, there was physical contact due to similar reasons. There weren’t any s*xual intentions in the contact with either woman.”

Former B.A.P member Kim Him-chan was accused of s*xual molestation in September 2019 and was sentenced to ten months of imprisonment in February last year.

Himchan then pleaded guilty to molestation charges on April 12 in an appeals court. A second trial for the same will be held on June 14.

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