Nikita Dragun licks Demi Lovato's cheek during recent meet-up and fans are livid

Demi Lovato and Nikita Dragun hung out recently
Demi Lovato and Nikita Dragun hung out recently

Fans of Demi Lovato were left disappointed recently after they spotted her hanging out with controversial YouTuber and make-up artist Nikita Dragun, at a party recently.

The 28-year old singer has been in the news of late, post the release of her latest album "Dancing with the Devil," which also happens to be the name of her recent eye-opening documentary.

However, her recent association with Nikita Dragun left scores of fans disappointed.

By the looks of the photos above, they appeared to be partying together recently. In one of the pictures shared on Demi's Instagram story, Nikita Dragun could also be seen placing her tongue on her cheek for a brief second.

In light of their recent meet-up, several Demi Lovato fans took to Twitter and urged her to stay away from Nikita, due to her controversial nature.

Fans left disappointed with Demi Lovato after she is spotted hanging out with Nikita Dragun


Nikita Dragun and Demi Lovato are believed to be close friends, having been snapped by the paparazzi in public numerous times.

From going on double dates together to having karaoke sessions together, the duo are often known to hang out from time to time.

However, Demi Lovato's close association with Nikita has proved to be a constant thorn in the side of her fans, most of whom do not seem to want her to hang out the 25-year old YouTuber and make-up artist.

This is predominantly due to her past controversies, which range from being accused of blackfishing to being labeled a predator after she was spotted hanging out with 18-year old Alejandro Sario.

Nikita Dragun has also been accused of spreading COVID, on account of her numerous maskless appearances and was most recently embroiled in a fiery Twitter feud with "Frenemies" duo Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein.

Keeping this in mind, Demi Lovato's recent meet-up with Nikita leaving several of her fans disappointed as they took to Twitter and urged her to stay away:

As reactions continue to pour in, it appears that Demi Lovato's recent meet-up with Nikita Dragun has touched upon a nerve with her scores of fans, who aren't too keen on accepting this friendship.

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