Nikita Dragun slammed for wearing "fake" mask

Nikita Dragun has repeatedly been called out for flouting mask etiquette (Image via The Hollywood Fix)
Nikita Dragun has repeatedly been called out for flouting mask etiquette (Image via The Hollywood Fix)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 10 Mar 2021

Nikita Dragun recently appeared in what fans called a "fake" mask to the wrap party of her Snapchat series, Nikita Unfiltered.

The beauty blogger has been known for ignoring mask etiquette and has been called out multiple times over the issue. Twitter users have been rolling their eyes at the careless move as Nikita Dragun doesn't seem to know the difference between a face mask and a face shield.

Her "compromise of a mask" resembles neither.

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Nikita Dragun put on blast again for poor mask etiquette

The 25-year-old was recently spotted by paparazzi at the "Nikita Unfiltered" wrap party. She wore what can only be described as a cross between a face shield and mask that achieved the purpose of neither.

To make matters worse, Nikita Dragun showed no hesitation in taking off the "mask" around journalists and promptly removed it while addressing the paparazzi.

This isn't the first time Nikita Dragun has been called out for ignoring mask rules. Earlier in February, the Belgian-born American YouTuber was spotted wearing the same "mask" that provides barely any protection against harmful particles.

The problem with the mask is that it combines the form factor of a cloth mask with a full plastic face shield that covers a person's entire face.

Face shields are used by medical professionals to prevent them from minute projectiles. An example is when patients sneeze around them. A face mask is something that prevents infectious particles that are too small to pass through cloth from entering a person's airways.

Nikita Dragun's hybrid mask seemingly fails to meet either of these objectives, and the internet wants the internet personality to know about it.

Nikita Dragun's mask antics seemingly has people online on a knife's edge. She would do well to exercise caution and follow necessary protocol to keep herself and everyone around her safe.

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Published 10 Mar 2021
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