“No more negativity”: Viral Pink Sauce creator Chef Pii shares how she decided to deal with controversies and trolls

Chef Pii (Image via Instagram/@chef.pii)
Chef Pii (Image via Instagram/@chef.pii)

Veronica Shaw, better known as Chef Pii, shared a video on her YouTube channel titled Where I Been At on Monday, May 20, 2024. In the video, she spoke about outlining a new path for herself as a content creator two years after the Pink Sauce controversy.

Addressing the situation directly, Shaw declared that she was "just so ready to move on" with her life.

"I'm just so ready to move on with my life. No more negativity. I don't have no tolerance for no trolls. If you come on here trolling, saying all kinda unnecessary stuff that don't need to be said or talking about stuff from two years ago… you will not be acknowledged," she said in the video.

Shaw gained initial fame with short-form videos on TikTok, she now plans to prioritize YouTube as her primary platform. This move also comes with a desire to create longer-form content, a departure from her previous style.

However, one aspect of her past career Chef Pii is firmly leaving behind: the Pink Sauce drama. The condiment's safety and labeling practices were widely questioned online, leading to scrutiny from the public and regulatory bodies.


Chef Pii focuses on YouTube and shuts down Pink Sauce controversy

In 2022, Chef Pii's Pink Sauce saw a whirlwind of controversy and a complex business partnership after it went viral on TikTok. After it became popular on the video-sharing app, Veronica Shaw began selling the vibrant pink condiment from her home. However, fans and customers raised concerns about potential spoilage during summer shipping.

Despite these initial hiccups, Shaw received a significant boost when Dave's Gourmet partnered with her to sell the sauce in Walmarts across the US. This partnership with the well-established brand seemingly marked a major turning point for Chef Pii's business.

However, in August 2023, Chef Pii's highly publicized Pink Sauce saga took another turn. After partnering with Dave's Gourmet to bring the condiment to store shelves, Chef Pii launched a GoFundMe campaign in August. The campaign aimed to raise $100,000 to help her from alleged financial sabotage.

She claimed financial hardship, stating Dave's Gourmet had withheld payments and essential financial records, and said that she was living on $20 a day. The content creator accused Dave's Gourmet of withholding royalties and essentially taking everything from her.

According to Shaw, the company's actions left her in a dire situation and she described struggling to make ends meet. She also claimed that she had to rely on her mother for basic necessities.

However, Dave's Gourmet denied Veronica Shaw's accusations and maintained that they had upheld their contractual agreements. They claimed that they had already paid Veronica Shaw over $120,000. The disagreement between Veronica Shaw and Dave's Gourmet ultimately led to their separation.

Now, in 2024, Veronica Shaw is back to running Pink Sauce as a small business. In her recent YouTube video, she acknowledges the slower pace associated with this new approach but emphasizes her control and ownership. The content creator also hinted at upcoming changes on the official Pink Sauce website, suggesting a potential rebranding or shift in strategy.

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