No One Can Hear You Scream: What happened to Penny Waldroup and where is her attacker Brad now?

Penny Waldroup
Penny Waldroup (Image via Facebook - Penny Waldroup)

Penny Waldroup was attacked by her estranged husband Bradley Waldroup, or Brad, on Friday, October 13, 2006. The couple had been married for several years, but their relationship was strained for a while before they separated. Penny Waldroup has four children with Bradley and went to drop them off at their father's place on the ill-fated day.

Penny Waldroup was accompanied by her childhood friend Leslie Bradshaw, whom Bradley accused of breaking their marriage. According to the website The Chattanoogan, Bradley stated that Penny had confessed to him about being in a lesbian relationship with Leslie.

"That hurt me very bad," Bradley said.

Investigation Discovery's No One Can Hear You Scream will air on Monday, October 17, 2022, and will shed more light on the case.

Bradley attacked Penny Waldroup and Leslie Bradshaw at Kimsey Mountain

Penny Waldroup and Leslie Bradshaw were attacked by Bradley outside his trailer on Kimsey Mountain. He walked out of the trailer with a rifle and fired at the women after Penny refused to go inside and talk to him as he wanted. Leslie died in the firing after she was shot eight times by Bradley.

Although Penny Waldroup escaped the first attack, she was shot in the back when she tried to run. Both his gun and pocket knife, which Bradley used to try and hurt Penny, were hurled away by the latter, but to no avail. The nearest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away, with a small window for Penny to escape.

She tried to run behind the house, but Bradley caught up with her and hit her in the head with a shovel. Multiple blows left Penny incapable of standing. Bradley dragged her inside and asked their children to say their final goodbye to their mother because they would not see her again.

Bradley wanted to have s*xual intercourse with Penny before killing her, but before he could get to it, a policeman arrived at the scene. According to court documents, Penny had informed a neighbor about her and Leslie's visit to Bradley's trailer and asked them to contact the police if the two women failed to return by a certain time.

Bradley turned himself in and was arrested for Leslie's murder and the attempted murder of Penny.

Bradley Waldroup was sentenced to 32 years in prison

Prosecutors charged Bradley Waldroup with the felony murder of Leslie Bradshaw and the attempted first-degree murder of Penny Waldroup. They sought the death penalty for the same.

However, Bradley's defense requested a scientific assessment, which concluded that Bradley suffered from intermittent explosive disorder. He is said to have "snapped" in the heat of the moment and did not realize what he was doing.

A test carried out by forensic psychiatrist William Bernet found that Bradley's DNA comprised the MAO-A gene, commonly dubbed the "warrior gene," which resulted in his unintentional outburst.

Despite Prosecutor Drew Robinson's counter-expert's statement that Bradley's actions had nothing to do with his genetic makeup, the jury sided with the defense and ruled out the death penalty. Bradley was instead found guilty of murder, attempted second-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated kidnapping.

Much to the dismay of the victims' families and Penny, Bradley was sentenced to 32 years in prison instead of life imprisonment. He is currently serving his sentence.

Episode 1 of No One Can Hear You Scream will air on Investigation Discovery on October 13, 2022.

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