Who is Dan Kavanaugh and where does he live now? ID's Two Shallow Graves to interview McStay Family's business associate

ID's Two Shallow Graves is currently streaming on Discovery + (Image via @DiscoveryID/Twitter)
ID's Two Shallow Graves is currently streaming on Discovery + (Image via @DiscoveryID/Twitter)

ID's Two Shallow Graves, the spine-chilling seven-part documentary series exploring the McStay family murder case, will finally launch its two final episodes on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 9:00 pm. ET. You can watch the previous episodes on Discovery +.

Chronicling the heart-wrenching murder case of the McStay family, the docuseries has been getting a lot of attention from viewers since its premiere on May 22, 2022, with the first three episodes.

Reportedly, the docuseries is all set to interview the McStay Family's business associate Dan Kavanaugh. After Investigation Discovery dropped a short sneak peek of the final two episodes where the audience could see a glimpse of Dan Kavanaugh getting interviewed, it has already begun to create a lot of buzz among the show's followers.

So, without further delay, let's dig deep and find out all about Dan Kavanaugh here.

Know all about Dan Kavanaugh as Two Shallow Graves interviews McStay Family's business associate

Who is Dan Kavanaugh and how is he connected to the McStay Family?

Reportedly, during the time of the disappearance and murder of the McStay family, Joseph McStay had an online business selling custom-made water fountains. Dan Kavanaugh used to work with Joseph at the time and he presided over the website. He allegedly used to get a particular percentage of the sales made online.

The documentary series showed that after the remains of the family were discovered, Joseph's business partner Chase was reportedly arrested. However, the defense claimed that Kavanaugh had a stronger motive to kill Joseph.

Reportedly, at the time of the investigation, a woman who claimed to be Kavanaugh's girlfriend told the authorities that Dan had confessed to committing the cold-blooded murder of the McStay family to her.

As the docuseries showcased, the woman further claimed that Kavanaugh had given her a description of how he had committed the murders. However, the investigating team believed that the woman's words were not credible or convincing enough to be taken seriously.

However, the defense team further pointed out that Kavanaugh had become quite furious as he was excluded from a few projects that included Chase. He also indicated that he did not get paid.

Reportedly, by 2011, Kavanaugh even sold the business and wanted to divide ownership 50-50 between Joseph McStay and him. The defense team further highlighted that Kavanaugh even made threats to destroy Joseph’s business and his family in January 2009. The threat was reportedly recorded in a number of messages online.

As reported by Cinemaholic, the defense team brought to light that Kavanaugh had given threats to another individual reportedly saying:

"(He) knows how to make people disappear,...(they will) find his bones in the desert."

Where is Dan Kavanaugh now?

Dan Kavanaugh allegedly claimed to have been in Hawaii during the time of the McStay family's disappearance and brutal murder. As the series disclosed, one of his girlfriends had validated the claims.

Dan Kavanaugh has kept quite a low profile since then, and there is no clear indication as to what he has been up to. Reportedly, Kavanaugh lives in San Diego, California, at the moment with his family and friends.

Investigation Discovery's highly intriguing true-crime documentary series, Two Shallow Graves, will come to an end tonight, May 24, at 9:00 pm ET. You can stream the final two episodes on Discovery+.

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