“Not because of my military service”: BTS’ RM did his best on Indigo for himself, not for conscription

BTS' RM shares his thoughts on military service and new album Indigo (Image via Instagram/rkive)

BTS’ RM took over the internet with his metaphor-infused lyricism, wordplay, and story-telling in his solo album Indigo.

In a recent interview with Variety, while talking about the process of deciding that Indigo would be his diary for the 20s, the BTS leader was asked whether it was a conscious decision before he embarked on his military duty.

The BTS leader replied that the future was uncertain while he was still working on Indigo. He tried his best for the album not because of the military service, but for himself. The Butter group has been running for ten years, and as a leader, he focused on the septet’s goals more, leaving no time for things he desired to do as an artist:

“When I made this album, I didn’t know what was really coming, like when or how. So I tried my best but I think that’s not because of my military service. It’s just because I barely had time to concentrate on my own personal stuff because BTS was so busy and hectic for a decade."

BTS’ RM gets real about military service and “making something really unique” with Indigo

Millions of ARMYs worldwide looked forward to December 2, 2022, as it marked BTS’ RM’s solo music release after four years. The album, titled Indigo, features 10 tracks, all written by the leader. As promotional activities for the latest release rolled out one by one, an interview with Variety revealed the artist’s thoughts on military service.

While answering the question whether the upcoming break from music for military service may have some positives, BTS’ RM replied that there was no positive or negative.

“There’s no positive or negative on this point, because, you know, it’s just a military service and it’s a law, so every man has to serve the military service. So I think there’s no judging point that I can say it’s positive or negative.”

He added that he was calm and ready for the upcoming break:

“It’s just a situation that I have to go through. So I’m just calm, and I’m ready to go through the life that I have to go through.”

The septet’s conscription and its exemption have been the subject of major discussions between South Korean lawmakers for several years. BIGHIT MUSIC announced on October 17, 2022, that all seven members had decided to go ahead with their duties for the country.

Meanwhile, BTS’ RM also talked about what makes 10-track album Indigo so unique, pointing out that a major factor was that he could get Korean and international legends in one album.

“I just want to say that it’s an interesting point that how a BTS, maybe an Asian boy band member, could make harmony with [Erykah] Badu and [Anderson] .Paak and maybe some Korean legends on one album, on 10 different genres — hip-hop, R&B, folk, rock, pop-rock or just pop.”

RM added:

“So I think I made something unique that could come out from Korea, because I have my own unique position as a maybe a lot of personas — as a rapper, as a poet, as a boy band member, as a Korean.I think I made something really unique and that would be the one of the reasons that maybe people should check it out.”

In other news, BTS’ RM held an at-home solo concert at NPR’s Tiny Desk a few hours after Indigo was released on December 2. During the concert, he performed his solo songs from mono and Indigo. It remains to be seen what other activities the idol has lined up.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal