“I can’t stop crying”: BTS ARMY shower praises on RM’s debut solo album Indigo

BTS ARMYs react to RM
BTS ARMYs react to RM's Indigo (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

BTS’ leader RM recently dropped his highly anticipated solo album Indigo and, based on numerous fan reactions, ARMYs are loving it. The talented BTS member released the tracklist album accompanied by the title track Wild Flower with (youjeen), a talented singer from Cherry Filter.

Other tracks in Indigo include Yun feat. Erykah Badu, Still Life with Anderson. Paak, All Day in collaboration with one of the singer's biggest idols Tablo, Memory Loss with Kim Sa-wol, Closer feat. Paul Blanco and Mahalia, Change pt.2, Lonely, Hectic in collaboration with Colde, and No.2 with Park Ji-yoon.

The emotional and evocative album is earning positive reviews from fans worldwide for its masterful lyricism, interesting collaborations with multi-genre talented artists, and a poignant tracklist, according to fans.

Reacting to the rapper's Indigo album, an emotional fan stated:

“I can’t stop crying”

BTS’ ARMY trend 'The Lyrics' and handpick their favorite verses from Indigo


BTS ARMYs are well aware that when it comes to poetry and lyricism, RM is second to none, and unsurprisingly, 'The Lyrics' earned a separate trend on social media, wherein ARMYs handpicked their favorite verses and lines from Indigo.

He had previously revealed that he chose to name his album Indigo because the color he personally identifies with is blue and the color that ARMYs are associated with is purple. Interestingly, the color that forms after blending blue and purple is indigo.

The 10-song tracklist features some of the best Korean and international artists, and in RM’s own words, the album is the “last archive of my 20s.” Additionally, Indigo is produced by DOCSKIM, Pdogg, HONNE, eAeon, and John Eun.

In an interview, the BTS' leader revealed that it took him four years to create Indigo, pouring out all the emotions, experiences, and encounters he has dealt with in his 20s and condensed them into making Indigo.

According to fans, Indigo boasts some deeply thoughtful and touching lyrics with his famed wordplay, layered lyrics, and poignant poetry, all of which are beautifully injected into the album.

ARMYs took over social media praising 'The Lyrics' in Indigo, listing down their favorite verses and words from the album.

Notably, BTS’ leader has full and complete responsibility in creating Indigo, from penning down the lyrics, composing the tracks, conceptualizing the concept, designing and planning the music video to the very last detail.

Previously, in a fan letter released before the release of Indigo, the talented BTS member urged fans to listen to the album in chronological order, with the last track wrapping up his 20s and saying a much-needed goodbye.

A round-up of RM’s recent activities

BTS’ leader certainly has a busy month ahead with the promotions of Indigo.

Today will also his mark his return to infotainment variety shows such as 'The Mysterious Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge,’ where he will be one of the MCs alongside film director Jang Hang-jun, who will be the co-MC and enviable panel of guests including novelist Kim Young-ha, physicist Kim Sang-wook, scientist Lee Ho, and astronomer Dr. Shim Chae-kyung.

The first episode will air tonight at 8:50 pm KST, with BTS' leader appearing on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert tonight at 7:00 pm KST and later appearing on Zach Sang’s show tomorrow.

On December 5, he will also appear on member SUGA’s new drinking variety show Suchwita on Weverse.

Additionally, he will be hosting a small concert for 200 selected ARMYs on December 5 at 8:00 pm KST in an undisclosed location in Seoul. The exclusively invited fans will be selected through a raffle system.

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