BTS' Jin enlistment date: K-Pop star set to be discharged around group's 11th debut year anniversary

BTS Jin will reportedly be discharged from military (Image via Twitter/@mahoneysuga)
BTS' Jin will reportedly be discharged from military (Image via Twitter/@mahoneysuga)

BTS' Jin will be discharged from the military around the group’s 11th debut anniversary in 2024. Jin will enlist in the military on December 13, 2022, making him the first member of the group to begin his military service.

K-pop fans awaiting their favourite idol’s return from the military can install the official Korean army application to check the status of the idol’s discharge.

According to the app, BTS' Jin will be discharged from the military on June 12, 2024, a day before the septet’s 11th debut anniversary. BTS debuted on June 13, 2013 and celebrates their debut anniversary each year on this day.

Fans send best wishes after learning that BTS' Jin will be discharged a day prior to the group's 11th debut anniversary

On November 24, Korean media outlets revealed that BTS' Jin will enter the recruitment training center in the Yeoncheon County of Gyeonggi Province on December 13.

After completing his basic training, he will then be assigned to a unit.

While BIGHIT MUSIC initially gave an ambiguous response to the news, later BTS' Jin himself confirmed in a Weverse post to ARMYs that he is indeed enlisting on December 13. He also requested fans to not come and meet him personally as it might get crowded and chaotic there, before signing off with a heartfelt "I love you."

Fans were aghast to learn that Jin’s enlistment date is closer than they thought and took to social media to post heartwarming messages for The Astronaut singer.

On the official Korean Army application, an official app where fans keep themselves abreast of their favorite idols’ military status, ARMYs found out that BTS' Jin will be enlisting on December 13, a week after he celebrates his 30th birthday on December 4, 2022.

His page is titled “Person of Sensitive Nature, Kim Seok Jin” on the app. The platform is open to everyone and fans can also send internet letters to BTS' Jin via the app. However, no personal information about the idol can be accessed through it.

Fans pointed out that the Epiphany singer will be enlisting in December, which is the 12th month of the year and that too on the 13th, which is also the date for BTS' debut (June 13).

Interestingly, if one adds up to all the digits of 12 and 13 (1+3+1+2), it equals to 7 which is also BTS’ lucky number. In keeping with that, earlier this year, the group members tattooed the number 7 on various parts of their body.

BTS' Jin will be discharged from the military on June 12, 2024, a day prior to the group’s 11th debut anniversary. Fans are hoping that he returns in time to join the rest of the BTS members to celebrate their 11th debut anniversary with ARMYs.

Fans react to news of BTS' Jin's enlistment and discharge date

Given that Jin is supposed to be discharged from his military service a day before the group's 11th debut anniversary, ARMYs have concluded that Jin is truly fated to be with the septet and have taken to social media to share their reactions.

An update on BTS' Jin's recent activities


Jin is currently soaking in the stupendous response to his debut solo single, The Astronaut, in collaboration with British rock band Coldplay.

The Astronaut topped iTunes music charts in 97 countries including the U.S., UK, Germany and France, amongst other countries.

Jin also made his much-awaited return to Korean variety shows with Lee Young-ji’s My Alcohol Diary and SBS’ Running Man.

He also became the official brand ambassador for Ottogi’s Jin Ramen, arguably the nation’s biggest ramen brand. The brand proved to be a hot-seller, reinstating Jin’s status as a true idol.

BTS members are currently on a break from group activities and will be pursuing their solo endeavors. Following Jin and j-hope, RM will release his solo album this year followed by SUGA, Jimin, Jungkook and V who are touted to release their solo work next year.

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