“Not shocked”: RHOM fans react to Michael Jordan disapproving of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan relationship

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan confirmed their relationship in January (Image via Reuters, @larsapippen/Instagram)

NBA legend Michael Jordan recently voiced his disapproval of his son Marcus Jordan dating RHOM star Larsa Pippen. The objection stems from the fact that Larsa is the basketballer's most famous rival Scottie Pippen's ex-wife.

On his recent trip to Paris, Michael was asked by a TMZ photographer his opinion on his son's relationship with rival Scott Pippins' ex-wife, Larsa Pippin. The NBA legend laughed it off at first, however, when pressed further about his approval, the pro athlete gave a simple and clear "No!"

As soon as the clip went viral, fans were quick to react, sharing they aren't shocked by his objection as it was something that they expected. One even called Larsa "a gold digger" while writing:

Fan's reaction to the news (Image via Twitter)
Fan's reaction to the news (Image via Twitter)

RHOM fans share the same sentiment as Michael Jordan on Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan relationship

NBA legend Michael Jordan recently expressed his disapproval of the relationship between Larsa Pippen and his son, Marcus Jordan. The news also left fans of The Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM) both intrigued and unsurprised.

The couple went Instagram official four months ago, but it seems that Marcus' father is less than thrilled about the duo's romance. Sharing the same sentiment are RHOM fans, who took to Twitter to react to the news. Many netizens took a dig at Larsa Pippin for dating her ex-husband's rival's son.

Check out some of these tweets below:

RHOM star Larsa Pippin confirmed dating Marcus Jordan in January 2023

Larsa Pippin and Marcus Jordan were first linked when they were seen having lunch together in Miami in September 2022. Not long after, they were spotted together at the Rolling Loud Music Festival, as seen in photos obtained by Page Six. However, Larsa denied any romantic involvement at that time and claimed that they were just friends during an interview with People in October 2022. She emphasized their friendship, stating:

"We've been friends for a few years, and that's really what it is. We're friends."

However, on January 23 earlier this year, Larsa Pippen posted a photo on her Instagram page featuring her and Marcus posing arm-in-arm in front of a floral design representing Marcus' father's, Michael Jordan's iconic No. 23 Bulls jersey. This marked the first time the RHOM star publicly shared a photo of Marcus, confirming their romance.

In a recent interview with Tamron Hall, the RHOM star expressed that the opinions of their respective parents didn't matter to her and Marcus, while stating:

"It’s not about my parents, his parents. They’re all happy. Our whole family’s fine."

Furthermore, apart from Michael Jordan not approving the duo's relationship, Larsa Pippen's previous marriage to Scottie Pippen adds an additional layer of complexity to the situation.

However, having been married to a high-profile athlete and experiencing the challenges that come with it, Larsa Pippen is no stranger to public scrutiny.

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