Oh My Girl’s Arin cut out from ‘Resurrection’ main poster, fans lash out at tvN

Oh My Girl's Arin 'Dun Dun' concept photo (Image via @8_OHMYGIRL/Twitter)
Oh My Girl's Arin 'Dun Dun' concept photo (Image via @8_OHMYGIRL/Twitter)

On March 3, tvN uploaded the main poster for the upcoming drama, Resurrection, leaving out Oh My Girl’s Arin. As soon as fans noticed the poster, they bashed the broadcasting company for allegedly luring fans into believing that the idol was a part of the main cast. They took to social media to express their disappointment at the company’s marketing and promotional strategy.

As per fans, the broadcasting company included the female idol’s name promoting the upcoming drama. The show underwent a state of emergency where the production team replaced the female lead after production began in June last year. With the news of the final main cast announced yesterday, the idol group's fans believe the company trampled over their expectations.

ur like… not gonna have an audience for this drama 😭 tvN all of us were here for arin but ur just pushing people away now… are u like… stupid??…

Fans angry with tvN leaving out Oh My Girl’s Arin from ‘Resurrection’ main poster

tvN’s Resurrection (not to be confused with KBS’ 2005 series Resurrection) faced extreme backlash and criticism from fans of Oh My Girl's Arin. The company confirmed its main cast on March 3, with a poster including photos of Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Minhyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Joon-sang, Oh Na-ra, and Jo Jae-yoon.

The main cast poster did not include the Oh My Girl member, which upset many fans. One fan on a Korean online forum noted that the 22-year-old female idol “was known to be a pretty important sub-character,” as reported by allkpop. However, the lack of her picture and even mention on tvN’s official Instagram baffled fans.

😀you use oh my girl Arin to promote the drama at first and you use her name to attract the attention That time the kr netizens teased her with bad comments😀It’s disrespectful since you use her to catch attention and not giving her a right place…
that drama has been loud using arin name in every articles when they were filming and suddenly not including her at all on the actors/actress line up!?!?!? does this make sense.....
Agreed with them mentioning arin last year in every article!! But I watch Girl's world s2 and it's not really good, the storyline messed up and have fewer ep than S1. So let's not hanging on the past, supporting role in tv drama will show her growth as an actress.…
Hello tvn???? Where is Arin??? We’ve been waiting for this drama for so long just to see arin in it? Is it fun to use arin’s name for clout??…
Why does every Arin drama is messed up like we've been waiting for that goedam and return then nothing good and clear info happens
watermelon!!!! what are you doing??!! no confirmation of arin in the drama and no date for omg cb!!! 😤😤🔪🔪🔪🔪

Many international fans took to Twitter to voice their anger, alleging that the broadcasting company used the idol’s name to gain views and create a buzz. While some fans said harsh things such as wanting the drama to flop, many corrected them by saying that Arin was eventually a part of it and hence, it would be backfiring on the idol too.

Meanwhile, as neither tvN nor any representative has yet officially released any statement or corrected the supposed error, fans hoped Arin performs incredibly well and ends up bagging a major role for her next project.

please stop hoping and wishing for that drama to fail, arin is still part of it.
To be clarified, Miracles are angry cuz Arinie didn't get the main role. We are angry and frustrated cuz they lied to us. Look at that fking drama's earlier news. They all included and said Arin in the main role and they even put Arinie in second place in the casting line.
i won't wish or hope for that drama to be flop or whatever, bcs other actors work so hard too. i just hate the person behind this all shit for lying abt arin's role.
I thought.... we'll be seeing Arin attending a drama press con.... I guess, we won't see her in Return press con coz she isn't part of the main casts.
Let's hope Arin's role is an impactful one and the drama is good. If this happens she would get post drama hype and she would get lead roles in her next tv dramas. Also take into fact that this is Arin's 1st drama on tv and she is only starting and she will only go higher

Resurrection is a fantasy drama written by the famous Hong Sisters, Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran. The duo is behind some of the most memorable K-dramas, such as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Hotel del Luna, and Sassy Girl Chun Yang. It will be helmed by Park Joon-hwa, who also directed What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. It is expected to be released later this year.

As for Oh My Girl, the group is all set to make a comeback this month.

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