"Paula needs therapy": sMothered fans fear for Alejandra's safety as Paula tries to make her mother jealous

Francia might ask Paula to move out (Image via franciapena1111 / Instagram)
Francia might ask Paula to move out (Image via franciapena1111 / Instagram)

sMothered (Season 4) aired a new episode tonight, October 10. This week, Paula invited Blake - a friend she used to date - over to her house, without informing her mother. She told him that she was inviting him to make her mother jealous, since the latter did not tell her everything these days.

Francia was surprised to see Blake but said that she was happy that Paula was hanging out with a nice boy. Paula soon asked her if she was jealous after seeing her daughter make plans without informing her.

Francia soon understood that this was just another tactic to control her life. The mother-daughter duo fought in front of Blake and apologized as he left. Francia felt that she had raised Paula to be better than this.

She tried to set boundaries with her daughter and told her that she needed to stop controlling her life. Paula asked her not to leave for Columbia to adopt Alejandra, her cousin who had just lost her mother. However, Francia refused to listen.

She convinced Paula that she would not be replaced but also said that she would have to ask her daughter to move out if something happened to Alejandra.

sMothered fans were shocked by Paula's behavior and felt that Alejandra might be in danger because of her, as she might try to hurt the little girl. One tweeted that Paula needed immediate therapy.

Paula needs therapy ASAP #smothered

sMothered fans do not like Paula's attitude about the adoption

sMothered fans took to Twitter to praise Francia for establishing boundaries in her relationship with her daughter, but were concerned about Paula's mental health. They were also worried that Paula would not accept Alejandra into her life and might try to hurt her.

I see this chic putting that poor innocent little girl through hell when she gets to America! That's so sad and very scary situation! #smothered
@bogo1954 Francia should force Paula to move out. #sMothered
Francia, please get your daughter some counseling before you bring Alejandra home. #smothered
#smothered Paula needs to move out of her mother’s house. She is seriously disturbed. This is truly an unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship.
That Paula girl scares me. She's a psychopath. I wouldn't put it past her to hold her mom hostage to get her way. #smothered
I’m happy she’s putting her foot down but it seems too late. Plus I think she’ll kill that child before she leave that house #smothered
@amazongd More importantly, let’s discuss this kook Paula trying to make her mother jealous - while wearing a baby’s onesie! 😊 #sMothered
Paula need to grow the F'up she's not a child anyone she has serious separation anxiety #smothered
Paula on her mom: she’s my baby, my world, my universe, my everything.Get yourself some therapy. #smothered

What else happened on sMothered tonight?

Tonight on sMothered, Cher was seen planning her father's retirement party. Dawn had invited everyone but Jason's parents. This was because his stepmother Sherry had pushed her into the pool previously.

Cher, however, had other plans and invited Sherry to the party herself, under the false pretense that Dawn had invited her. This was because she wanted the whole family to be together for the occasion.

Dawn was shocked to see Sherry in her backyard and asked her what she was doing in her home. The mothers realized what had happened after Cher's explanation. Sherry apologized to Dawn and the latter officially invited her to the party. Dawn was still upset with Cher for keeping her a secret.

The episode description states:

"Cathy is forced to choose between Ashley and Samantha; Cher's big secret leaves Dawn reeling; Paula flaunts her ex-boyfriend to make Francia jealous; Laura Leigh is angry when Lisa pushes formula on a breastfeeding Lauren."

Laura and Lauren had an argument because the former felt that Lauren's attitude changed when she came to Lisa's house.

Cathy was shocked to learn that Samantha might have to move to Florida for her job, which meant that she would have to move with her to take care of her grandchildren.

She did not want to leave Ashley behind and asked her to move in with her. Ashley refused since she was unsure about the financial aspects of the move. However, she also did not want to stay away from her mother and the two decided to ask Samantha to quit her job.

sMothered airs on TLC every Monday at 9 pm ET. Fans can also watch the show on TLC Go one day after the television premiere.

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