RBW apologizes for PURPLE KISS Goeun’s Nazi outfit in Season’s Greetings 2022

Rookie girl group PURPLE KISS (Image via @purplekiss_official/Instagram)
Rookie girl group PURPLE KISS (Image via @purplekiss_official/Instagram)
Afreen Khan

RBW, home to PURPLE K!SS (or PURPLE KISS) received backlash after a member’s outfit included a Nazi eagle patch. The agency drew heavy criticism for not paying attention to detail and goofing up. After uploading a newly edited photo on the same day, the agency finally released a statement on November 23 apologizing for the mistake.

The responsibility is on us: states RBW after PURPLE KISS member’s outfit draws flak

[#퍼플키스]퍼플키스(PURPLEKISS) 2022 SEASON’S GREETINGS🔹 CONCEPT PHOTO 🔹📍 예약 판매 기간✔ ~2021.11.24 (수) PM 5:00#PURPLE_KISS #플로리 #시즌그리팅

On November 23, RBW posted a statement on rookie girl group PURPLE KISS’ official fancafe. Member Goeun’s outfit received heavy backlash as it included a Nazi swastika patch. They apologized for “not going through sufficient inspection” during the filming of Season’s Greetings 2022.

RBW also confessed to their slip-up, owning up to their mistake as the artists’ agency. The company ended the apology by assuring fans that they would keep an eye out and train their employees better to pay attention to details that could harm a community’s sentiments.

Read the full English translation of RBW’s apology below:

What is PURPLE KISS' Season's Greetings 2022 scandal about?

On November 20, the agency uploaded solo concept photos for PURPLE KISS’ Season’s Greetings 2022. Fans were quick to notice the little detail that had passed by the stylists and managers' eyes, a Nazi swastika beneath the US air force patch on member Goeun’s outfit. PLORY, PURPLE KISS’ fandom, voiced their discontentment at RBW and demanded an apology for the same.

@RBW_PURPLEKISS how are you gonna post this photo from the seasons greetings and once you notice people are getting upset you simply delete it instead of issuing a formal apology? rbw apologize na goeun apologize

However, things turned worse when the agency swiftly uploaded a new photo by editing the patch, without any official statement acknowledging the mistake. The erroneous mistake led the fandom to continue demanding an apology. A few days later, RBW released a statement taking full responsibility for it.

Okay never mind I fuxking hate the PK seasons greetings. They really did them so dirty whoever decided THIS THEME was a good idea and putting THAT symbol on goeun’s outfit. I didn’t notice it right away and I’m literally so upset. Hope RBW does something about this
@girlsforchaein @cherrygoeun Goeun had a n@zi/swastika(?) symbol patch on her seasons greetings outfit. Rbw deleted the post and re uploaded it by editing it out
@RBW_PURPLEKISS Editing out a photo does not make it better. Please apologize or plorys will boycott the seasons greetings.

Meanwhile, PURPLE KISS had their first-ever comeback with their second EP Hide & Seek on September 8, 2021.

More about PURPLE KISS

PURPLE KISS is a seven-member girl group of Ireh, Swan, Yuki, Na Goeun, Chaein, Park Jieun, and Dosie. They officially debuted in March 2021 but were introduced years ago on a trainee YouTube channel.

The talented members were introduced to the world during their trainee period on RBW’s YouTube channel titled 365 Practice. The channel focused on showing the lives of their female trainees. Chaein, Dosie, Jieun, Goeun, Swan and Yuki were seen in multiple reality shows leading up to their debute. Some even recorded vocals for K-pop queen Chungha, Hwang Sung Jin and performed alongside MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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