Meet IVE: Starship Entertainment’s new six-member girl group

Starship Entertainment's new girl group, IVE (Images via @ivestarship/Instagram)
Starship Entertainment's new girl group, IVE (Images via @ivestarship/Instagram)

Starship Entertainment’s new six-member girl group IVE is all ready to debut in the K-pop industry. After revealing their members one by one, Starship released a "Coming Soon" teaser poster announcing the date of their debut as December 1, 2021.

The soon-to-debut girl group includes two former idols and four new trainees with some of them already known for their charms and skills.

Starship Entertainment announces debut date for new girl group IVE

IVE 아이브2021.12.01 DEBUTCOMING SOON#IVE #아이브

On November 1, Starship Entertainment opened the social media accounts of IVE, their new and latest K-pop girl group. Their logo is a cursive blend of three white letters on a pink background, but their teasers offer a monochromatic vibe.

The company began introducing members as soon as they opened their accounts and on November 8, announced that the group would debut on December 1. The group’s debut song and album, however, have been kept under wraps.


Starship introduced the first IVE member as Yujin, the leader of the group. She is a familiar face in the K-pop world, having dabbled in both acting and singing. Yujin is also a former IZ*ONE member. Following IZ*ONE's disbandment, fans eagerly awaited the girls’ new beginnings. She joined the agency in 2017 and with her numerous years of experience, seems like the perfect fit for the leadership position.


Gaeul is the second-oldest member and was a trainee at JYP Entertainment before shifting to Starship Entertainment. Her fox-like visuals were already a talking point on many online community forums. Reports state that Gaeul will be debuting as a rapper in IVE.


Another former IZ*ONE member, Wonyoung, will also re-debut as a member of IVE. Fortunately, fans have seen Wonyoung display her all-around skills as she was recently chosen as an MC for the Music Bank show. While hosting the show, her adorable personality alongside ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon has made fans fall in love with her even more. Wonyoung’s position in the group will be of a vocalist.


Liz caught netizens’ eyes the moment she was introduced as the fourth IVE member. At just 17 years old, the soon-to-be idol’s gorgeous looks have been winning the internet. Netizens even noticed her resemblance to STAYC’s Yoon, especially with her straight long hair and bangs. Her long, slender body coupled with her doll-like visuals has fans swooning over her on social media.


Another all-rounder in Starship Entertainment's new group is Rei, a graduate of the prestigious School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA). Her long stint as a trainee had many netizens believing she would be Starship’s choice for the final debut lineup. She will be debuting as a rapper and a vocalist.


The last member to be introduced was the group’s youngest, Leeseo. Many international and local K-pop stans criticized the agency for debuting Leeseo, a ‘07 liner - a mere 14-year-old girl. However, her charm is undeniable, and many fans believe she will be the ultimate visual in the group. Meanwhile, she will be debuting as a vocalist.

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