"Release this already" Fans excited as the youth webdrama Exclusive Fairytale, starring SEVENTEEN's Junhui and Zhang Miaoyi, unveils it's new poster

Wen Junhui and Zhang Miao Yi for the drama Exclusive Fairytale (image via instagram/junhui_moon and twitter/svtcontents)
Wen Junhui and Zhang Miao Yi for the drama Exclusive Fairytale (image via instagram/junhui_moon and twitter/svtcontents)

Wen Junhui, widely known as Jun from the popular group SEVENTEEN, is all set to showcase his exceptional acting skills for the very first time as the protagonist in the latest C-drama, Exclusive Fairytale. The official poster for this highly anticipated series was unveiled on June 30, 2023, sparking excitement among fans.

In this upcoming youth web drama, Junhui is all set to captivate viewers with his performance, sharing the screen with the young talented Chinese actress Zhang Miyaoyi, who stood out with her performance in her last C-drama, When I Fly Towards You.

The pairing of these two promising actors is generating buzz and anticipation among both K-pop fans as well as drama enthusiasts.

Wen Junhui's upcoming C-drama role has fans in a frenzy

The SEVENTEEN member's journey as an actor began very early in his career, at the mere age of 2, when he was seen as a child actor in various shows and TV commercials. He acted in his first ever movie, The Pye Dog, in 2007.

He also played an important part in the infamous movie Ip man, playing the younger version of the main character. In 2014, he acted in the Chinese drama, Untouchable. Now, in his first ever main role for a C-drama, he’s all set to play the role of a young student named Ling Chao.

Twitter is flooded with posts gushing about Junhui's character and appearance.

A quick look at the plot of Exclusive Fairytale

This upcoming C-drama traces the story of childhood friends falling in love with each other, albeit with a unique twist to the tale.

From a young age, Ling Chao has sensed that his mother had a preference for daughters, leaving him feeling overlooked. Fatefully, their neighbors had a daughter named Xiao Tu, who happened to be the same age as him. As time passed, Ling Chao became Xiao Tu's god-brother, and their relationship turned into a constant rivalry.

Ling Chao developed an unrelenting pursuit of perfection in all aspects of life, striving to outshine Xiao Tu. Despite being recognized as the smartest child in kindergarten with a high IQ, his achievements never seemed to match up to Xiao Tu's in his mother's eyes. With a lack of affection from his father, Ling Chao grew up with a sensitive, independent, and mature personality. Xiao Tu became his sole companion, holding a special place in his heart.

As they both matured, Ling Chao came to realize that he relied on Xiao Tu for everything. Unbeknownst to anyone, he had unexpectedly fallen in love with her. However, he kept his feelings hidden and never confessed his affection.

Apart from the C-drama, Jun recently made another exciting announcement for his fans, when he revealed that his highly anticipated single, Psycho, was set to be released on July 4, 2023. Ahead of the release, concept photos for the single were unveiled through SEVENTEEN's official social media handles, adding to the growing anticipation.

Prior to this, the idol has already dazzled listeners with his impressive single, Limbo, which showcased his incredible talent.

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