“Ridiculous and shameful”: ARMYs concerned as BTS’ Jin is mobbed at Incheon airport 2 days after Itaewon tragedy

BTS' Jin gets mobbed at the airport when returning to South Korea after The Astronaut performance (Images via Instagram/jin and YouTube/Newsen)

ARMYs raised concern for BTS’ Jin as he was once again greeted by a mob on his return to South Korea on October 31, 2022. The idol had flown to Argentina to perform his debut solo track The Astronaut with Coldplay. Upon his return, fans on the internet saw several videos of people crowding around the BTS member.

Fans of the idol were aghast at the sight of people crowding the Incheon airport and invading The Astronaut singer’s personal space. They called the behavior disrespectful, especially considering the tragedy that befell Itaewon just two days earlier.

Itaewon’s Halloween celebrations turned deadly when 154 people lost their lives due to a stampede in a narrow alley.

ARMYs express their concern over another episode of mobbing BTS’ Jin

BTS’ Jin gave an incredible and emotional performance of his solo debut The Astronaut at Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres concert in Argentina. The idol flew back to South Korea on October 31. While fans expected media personnel to be ready for the live coverage of his arrival, they were shocked to see scores of fans at the airport too.

In the initial moments, BTS’ Jin walked with ease as the crowd appeared calm, thanks to the barriers. The idol looked comfortable but exhausted in his casual outfit. He wore a plain white T-shirt with an oversized checkered flannel shirt and paired it with basic black pants.

As The Astronaut singer neared the exit, fans jumped in to get a closer look at the idol.


Having a crowd of media professionals and fans at the airport is not uncommon, but many have time and again raised concerns regarding mobbing. There have been plenty of instances where fans have treated their idols respectfully when they reach any airport. However, people have oftentimes criticized fans who invade the artists’ privacy for closeup photos or for touching them against their consent.

On Reddit and Twitter, ARMYs expressed their anger and worries regarding the situation at Incheon airport. Much of these emotions stemmed from the devastating news of the Itaewon tragedy.

As South Korea is currently under national mourning, fans raised multiple questions about the people present at the airport as well as airport security. Calling the fans' behavior shameful, they also wondered how the authorities allowed a huge crowd inside the airport. Many netizens even mentioned that they turned off live airport coverage as the chaos worsened.

In other news, BIGHIT MUSIC postponed BTS’ Jin’s The Astronaut promotional content, which included a listening party and a lyrical music video. The idol's solo track is a farewell gift for fans as he will be enlisting in mandatory military service once all his promotions end.

All BTS members will be undergoing conscription, announced BIGHIT MUSIC on October 17, 2022. The septet are reported to reunite as a group around 2025. This suggests that all the members of the band will be enlisting in units since an average duration of military service is 18-21 months.

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