"Saving it for when ur time comes": Fans react hilariously as the coffin used in BTS' Jungkook's Seven MV sells out

Featuring Jungkook (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring Jungkook (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On July 24, 2023, a TikTok video went viral on social media, claiming that the coffin used by BTS' Jungkook in his latest music video for Seven has sold out. Fans claim that they came across a TikTok video where someone posted about the owner of a coffin store who mentioned on his Instagram that the brand the idol used had sold out after the music video was released.

On July 14, the BTS maknae released his debut digital single, Seven, and unveiled a music video where he was depicted having a fight with his partner, Han So-hee. One of the highlighted moments in the music video featured Jungkook singing inside a coffin and opening it in an attempt to persuade So-hee, who wasn't receptive to his efforts.

The iconic coffin scene quickly went viral on social media, and now fans are reporting that the coffin is sold out.

This led to a barrage of jokes on the internet, with some suggesting that ARMYs might be purchasing the coffin for their future use, implying they will use it when they pass away.

Twitterati left in splits as fans come up with hilarious uses for Jungkook's Seven mv coffin

Soon after the release of the music video for Jungkook's Seven, the coffin became a hot topic among fans. Even Jungkook, who came live on the social media platform, Weverse, reacted to his coffin scene by giggling uncontrollably.

Now, with the news about the coffin in the music video being sold out, the internet is rife with funny speculations about what ARMYs might possibly be using the coffin for.

The idol recently went live on Weverse in the middle of the night on July 28, 2023, where he interacted with fans and had a fun session.

Even fellow BTS member Jimin left a series of comments under the idol's live session, providing much-needed content to fans who were enjoying every bit of their interaction.

In other news, Jungkook recently appeared on Audacy CheckIn, where he talked about his upcoming album and stated:

"Iā€™d say it will be awesome! Maybe, maybe. I am confident. Yes. Please wait a bit longer. I think a great album might be on the way.ā€

The Euphoria singer also disclosed in his recent Weverse live that he is currently working on his upcoming full-fledged album.

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