SEVENTEEN on choosing HOT as the title track, album goals, and more at Face the Sun album press conference

K-pop group SEVENTEEN return with full-length album Face the Sun (Image courtesy via PLEDIS Entertainment)
K-pop group SEVENTEEN return with full-length album Face the Sun (Image courtesy via PLEDIS Entertainment)

K-pop superstars SEVENTEEN made a hot comeback with their fourth studio album Face the Sun on Friday, May 27. Hours before its release, all 13 members attended the global press conference for the full-length album and opened up about many things, from the album’s title track selection to their future goals.

According to Joshua, the group knew that HOT would be their title track the moment WOOZI had them listen to it. WOOZI was one of the producers and writers of the track, just like the remaining eight songs on the album.

“When WOOZI first gave us a listen to the focus track, we thought that it really resembled SEVENTEEN's energy the best as it is right now. We just knew right away that this was gonna be the focus track and were really happy with the song. We told WOOZI that, too. He was really happy to hear our feedback. That’s how we were sure.”

“We want to be artists who go down in history”: SEVENTEEN opens up about dreams, new era, and more in Face the Sun press conference

SEVENTEEN have opened their hearts and shown CARATs their inner thoughts and inhibitions with their latest studio album, Face the Sun. At a press conference held in Seoul hours before the album's release on May 27, the group reiterated their goal of showing their passion and determination through Face the Sun.

The SEVENTEEN members knew with certainty that they wanted to make HOT their title track, and co-creator WOOZI talked about it being their “new starting point.”

“For lead single HOT, we will now add a new starting point, and we want to convey our passion, identity, our determination to achieve our ultimate goals of becoming like the sun so we want to exude that hot energy. So I think that it best describes who we are at the moment, our real candid selves.”

Moreover, when talking about the goals they want to achieve with Face the Sun, Joshua and Seungkwan were all for topping the Billboard charts. Joshua shared that ATTACCA placing No. 13 on the Billboard 200 charts was a new record for them and “to be completely honest,” he hopes the group can go higher than that.

Seungkwan added that he has always expressed his desire to enter the Billboard charts since their mini-album Your Choice. This time, the idol wants to top them. Meanwhile, Dino expressed his wish to go down in history.

“We want to be artists who go down in history. We believe that we can do that. We have no limitations when it comes to SEVENTEEN.”

Face the Sun marks an important milestone for the 13-member act for multiple reasons. Firstly, it arrives two years and eight months after their last full-length album titled An Ode. Secondly, owing to the growing enthusiasm of CARATs, the group broke their personal record by amassing 2.2 million pre-orders. Most importantly, it is their first album since renewing their contracts, marking a new era both in real life and the reel universe they are creating.

The group is now gearing up for multiple weeks of promotion before heading on their world tour, Be the Sun.

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