SEVENTEEN's ATTACCA surpasses 1.4M preorders in first-day sales, breaking their personal record

SEVENTEEN concept photo for 'Your Choice' (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17)
SEVENTEEN concept photo for 'Your Choice' (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17)

SEVENTEEN is one of the few K-pop bands known for their impeccable self-producing skills. With their latest comeback, their ninth mini-album, ATTACCA, has surpassed 1.4 million stock pre-orders in just one day. ATTACCA is well on its way to becoming the 13-member group's fifth million-selling album.

Pre-orders for ATTACCA opened on September 24, 2021, at 11 AM KST. Star News report on September 26 reports that the powerful comeback album has exceeded 1.4 million pre-order sales, showcasing the massive global fan power SEVENTEEN has.

SEVENTEEN's ninth mini-album ATTACCA breaks their own record, exceeding 1.4 million sales

Ironically a 13-member group, SEVENTEEN, earned the title of 'Quadruple Million Sellers' just three months ago in June, with their eighth mini-album, Your Choice.

Fast forward to September, and the group has added another million-seller album to their roster, now having a total of an impressive five albums surpassing one million album orders consecutively.

ATTACCA achieved 1.4 million pre-order sales with no album details, no concept previews, or even a teaser. All the information CARATs (SEVENTEEN's fandom) had was an announcement teaser.

SEVENTEEN's previous release, Your Choice, recorded 1,364,127 first-week sales. ATTACCA has surpassed Your Choice's first-week sales in just one day. Other SEVENTEEN albums that have exceeded one million physical album sales are An Ode (2019), Heng:garæ (2020), and Semicolon (2020).

No less than an achievement, CARATs trended #ATTACCA_OneMillionPreorder at No. 3 Worldwide, along with 'CONGRATULATIONS SEVENTEEN' on Twitter.

What does a stock pre-order mean in K-pop?

Stock pre-orders are not actual album sales but the number of album stock produced before the album's release. It's the number of albums that a retailer/seller has ordered, taking in demand from various factors.

For example, depending on how many fans are pre-ordering the album on Ktown4U and other factors, Ktown4U will give the group's agency an estimated number of albums they would like to have to cater to their customers. This does not mean that the albums have been sold. It only reveals the demand - whether high or low - for a group's release.

When is SEVENTEEN's ATTACCA releasing?

SEVENTEEN's ninth mini-album ATTACCA will be released on October 22, 1 PM KST.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar