SEVENTEEN's Jun, The8 will focus on activities in China and spend time with family, states Pledis

SEVENTEEN's Jun and The8 in Naver x Dispatch photoshoot (Image from Pinterest)
SEVENTEEN's Jun and The8 in Naver x Dispatch photoshoot (Image from Pinterest)

SEVENTEEN's Jun and The8 will focus on their activities in China and spend some much-needed time with their families until the end of the year, stated Pledis Entertainment today, on September 1.

The group will temporarily promote as 11 members in Korea and allow Jun and The8 to carry out their work overseas while giving them the opportunity to stay with their families. The 11-member SEVENTEEN will take part in promotions in Korea from September to December.

Following the news announcement, fans are rejoicing as the members will finally get to meet their family after two whole years.

SEVENTEEN to carry on as 11 members without Jun and The8 temporarily

The 'self-producing' K-pop group SEVENTEEN and their agency's decision to make Jun and The8 carry activities in their home country is being lauded by fans.

Pledis Entertainment posted a statement on SEVENTEEN's official Facebook account, detailing their decision and explaining future promotional activities of the group.

Read the statement below:

"[NOTICE] SEVENTEEN Activities in Second Half of 2021


This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to provide some information on SEVENTEEN’s Korean and overseas activities for the second half of this year.

Our company provides full support for both the group and individual activities of SEVENTEEN. We plan the Korean and international activities of our members by exploring a wide range of opportunities for the members to take part in, striving to ensure that the artist can enjoy their full potential as close to our fans as possible.

As a part of these efforts, SEVENTEEN members JUN and THE 8 will focus on their activities in China from September to December. They will resume their work in China that had been postponed by COVID-19, and spend time with their families after having been forced to stay apart from them for a considerable amount of time due to the pandemic.

As moving across countries and regions currently demands excessive time and effort due to the severe challenges posed by the current situation on international and regional travel as well as the requirement for self quarantine, and having discussed the situation with the members of SEVENTEEN, JUN and THE 8 will continue their activities in China for the time being.

Please note that during this period SEVENTEEN will engage in their promotions in Korea with 11 members.

We ask for your generous understanding, and please stay tuned for the diverse activities of SEVENTEEN both in Korea and abroad during the second half of this year.

Thank you."

Member Wonwoo posted a heartwarming message for Jun and The8 on Weverse, saying, "Make sure to hug your parents after so long." The heartwarming message has opened emotional hours for fans as they can't seem to get over their cute exchange on the platform.

Jun and The8 also posted messages for fans on Weverse, thanking fans for their love and support. They promised to work hard in China and come back soon.

Following the messages, CARATs didn't waste a single second wishing the SEVENTEEN members lots of love and happiness.

Wishing Jun and The8 the best of happy and safe times in China!

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will make an 11-group comeback in October.

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