SEVENTEEN’s new English single will kick off the TEAM SVT project

K-pop group SEVENTEEN to release their first-ever English song soon (Image via Pledis Entertainment)
K-pop group SEVENTEEN to release their first-ever English song soon (Image via Pledis Entertainment)

In April this year, the quintuple million-seller SEVENTEEN will mark a grand comeback with a pre-release single that will serve as the group’s first-ever English song. The group’s social media accounts announced the exciting news and revealed that they would have a full-length album release in May.

The song will aim to convey the group’s heartfelt wishes to their fans, aka CARATs, worldwide. It will also mark the beginning of the TEAM SVT project that the group teased its fans with a few weeks ago. While some fans speculated it to be a world tour announcement, others also wondered if it meant a full new album. The latter, however, has turned out to be true.

SEVENTEEN gears up for their first English single ahead of full-album release

On April 1, SEVENTEEN’s agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, announced that the group will be releasing a new pre-single English song as part of their upcoming full-album release in May. The surprise announcement raised more anticipation as it has been six months since the group’s last release.

The upcoming single will serve as a prelude to the 13-member group’s upcoming album release that will also be filled with their heartfelt feelings for CARATs. Other than its release date, not many details about the song have been revealed. The song will be released on April 15, 2022 at midnight EST.

TEAM SVT, the project that created many waves across social media on March 24, will start with the upcoming English single. The track will also mark the beginning of a new era for the 13-member group.

Glimpses of this new era were announced on March 27 with a renewed logo. The logo is a penrose triangle representing three lines for three units. The logo also reflects the band’s unstoppable energy.

Meanwhile, the self-producing idols recently wrapped up their three-day-long sixth fan-meeting SVT in CARATLAND. Each concert lasted over three hours, giving fans ample time to spend a fun evening with the group.

About K-pop powerhouse, SEVENTEEN

Earning 2 billion streams and selling 10 million albums, SEVENTEEN, comprising of S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, WOOZI, THE 8, MINGYU, DK, SEUNGKWAN, VERNON, and DINO, is one of the most powerful boy groups in the K-pop industry.

Touted as “K-pop Stage-breakers,” the group’s success comes from their independence and creativity. They are one of the very few idol groups who self-produce their discographies.

The group made great strides after it ranked No. 3 on IFPI’s (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) Global Album Sales Chart with Attacca and No. 9 on 2021 Global Artist best-performing act of the year.

The 13-member group will meet fans in a whole new avatar when behind the scenes of their live concert will be released in POWER OF LOVE: THE MOVIE. As the global artists’ first-ever movie, it will also be released in ScreenX theaters worldwide to give fans a rich experience as the members pour their hearts out in interviews.

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