SEVENTEEN’s English single Darl+ing marks the start of a new era

SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing concept photo (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)
SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing concept photo (Image via PLEDIS Entertainment)

On April 15, SEVENTEEN made a much-awaited comeback with a pre-release single that served as their first-ever English song, Darl+ing. The song is a blend of addictive choruses and synths, talking about the togetherness that the group feels with their fandom, CARATs.

The 13-member act marked the beginning of a new era with Darl+ing. The track's music video contains Easter eggs for what's about to come and the journey the group will undertake in their future albums. Like their previous songs, Darl+ing is also a self-produced song where Woozi participated in production, songwriting, and composition.

SEVENTEEN wear their heart on their sleeves in pre-release English single Darl+ing


SEVENTEEN’s latest song release, Darl+ing, received a great response from fans soon after its release on April 15. The song’s music video currently sits at 5 million views, showcasing the popularity of the K-pop stagebreakers.

Darl+ing was released as a pre-release single to the group’s full album comeback in May. It is described as the group’s “eloquent expression” towards their idea of togetherness. The music video shows the members entering an enchanting world, unlike any other seen in their previous releases.

SEVENTEEN’s journey to darkness is apparent towards the end of the music video. While the first half was bright and sunny, the emotions and the story took a swift turn with broken reflections, supernatural portals, alternate universes, and a glowing crystal ball in Vernon’s hands.

From the very first moment, Darl+ing shares location and key details in the background that suggest a bigger play in the group’s upcoming stories.

Meanwhile, the K-pop quintuple million sellers performed their first Darl+ing stage act on MTV Fresh Out Live. The 13-member act is synonymous with having some of the most synchronized choreography, and they did the same again on stage.


A collaborative project with Apple was also unveiled at Apple Korea stores on April 15. The first K-pop Today at Apple Remix Session is a one-hour session where CARATs can discover the group’s creative processes.

Fans will also get a chance to remix Darl+ing using GarageBand's digital audio software on Apple devices. Darl+ing even hit No. 1 on iTunes in more than 30 countries.

Continuing the storyline further, SEVENTEEN’s full-album comeback in May will shed more light on the new journey that the company has carved for them.

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