SF9’s Youngbin apologizes for his careless remarks on the COVID vaccine

SF9's Youngbin (Image via Instagram/@yb_dkxh)
SF9's Youngbin (Image via Instagram/@yb_dkxh)

SF9’s Youngbin was recently under fire for his comments over the COVID-19 vaccine. On September 28, he posted an apology on the group’s official fan cafe, promising to educate himself more on vaccines.

Uninformed vaccine remarks coming from celebrities, which influence millions, are extremely harmful. At a time when getting vaccines is crucial for everyone, Youngbin’s comments on them came off as careless for multiple fans. The carelessness of the situation prompted him to post an apology on the group's fancafe.

SF9’s Youngbin issues an apology for his COVID-19 vaccine remarks

In a Vlive live stream on September 27, Youngbin spoke on the topic of vaccines, saying that he might not get the vaccine as he “thinks” he won’t get COVID. He even shared his inhibitions towards the vaccine, wondering out loud if he should take it or not.

As the Vlive ended, social media was abuzz with netizens talking about his remarks. The topic soon gained rage, and Youngbin took to his official fancafe to post an apology.

Read Youngbin’s full apology below: (Translation taken from Soompi)

“I apologize for causing trouble for all those who are watching over me with my comments about the vaccine. I am deeply reflecting on having made such careless remarks in a broadcast watched by many people, and I apologize. I will be vaccinated as soon as possible, and I will rectify my misguided thoughts and be more careful and mindful with my words and actions. I am very sorry.”

The idol had talked about the side effects of vaccines and revealed he hadn’t been vaccinated yet. The most damaging sentence probably was him saying,

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ll get COVID-19 even if I don’t get vaccinated because I’m not exposed to the dangers of COVID-19.”

He also talked about the breakthrough cases, saying,

"But I am a bit scared because a lot of my acquaintances have contracted COVID-19. It seems like you can get COVID-19 even if you get vaccinated, so I’m wondering if I have to.”

While he is right about the vaccines having possible side effects and the breakthrough cases, the way sentences were framed, especially where he says he might not get exposed to COVID even if he doesn’t get a vaccine, was deemed careless by fans.

However, many fans have come up claiming that that wasn’t the whole conversation. They also claimed that some netizens blew it out of proportion.

Meanwhile, SF9 recently made a sensuous comeback in July, with Turn Over and its title track, Tear Drop.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar