Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams share their plans to relocate in a new YouTube video

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams possibly to move to Colorado (Image via YouTube)
Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams possibly to move to Colorado (Image via YouTube)

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have recently announced that they may be moving to Colorado very soon.

33-year-old YouTuber Shane Dawson and 30-year-old Ryland Adams begun dating in 2016. The pair eventually got engaged in 2019, amidst Shane's ongoing internet "cancellation" that was sparked over his old tweets that featured distateful and inappropriate jokes about his cat.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams currently reside in Calabasas, California in a Spanish-style home.

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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams pack their bags

On Tuesday afternoon, Ryland Adams took to YouTube to post a vlog titled, We're Moving...Not Clickbait.

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As Ryland is a Colorado native, he shared in his latest vlog how much he admired where he grew up, as well as the possible struggle of potentially getting Shane to want to move.

His video featured joyful moments with his family as they came together to celebrate his mother's birthday.

Later in the video, Ryland pulled Shane aside and the two began publicly discussing their thoughts about moving closer to the 30-year-old's family.

Ryland started off by addressing that Shane "wasn't serious" when he sent him a link to a home listing he found in Colorado.

"I'm always debating whether moving to Colorado is a good idea...I don't know what we would end up doing. First, we should see if we like the house. Shane wasn't serious when I sent him the link via text."

Shane Dawson then turned to the camera, hid his face behind a pillow, and shyly stated that he was excited to see their potential new home but was confused about Ryland wanting to move out of a home Shane loved.

"I'm a little excited to see it, but I'm confused because are we moving out here? Why? What's going on?"

Ryland Adams then claimed that although he loved their home in California, he wanted to see what it was like to live ten minutes away from his family.

He also added that the chances of them moving were low if they were to not like the house Ryland found for them.

"I just like the idea of being a ten minute car ride away from all of my family. Who knows? We might hate the house so this might not even ever happen at all. It is something."

Shane Dawson, who seemed very reluctant at first, began to agree with Ryland, and claimed that he only needed the perfect house to say yes to the move.

"I'm excited about the idea of moving but I love our current house, so I don't would take the most amazing, perfect, house. I need that moment then i'll pull the trigger. I love Colorado, everybody is just so nice."

As the two are soon to get married and start a new family, many are wondering if Shane Dawson will be posting again, and if Ryland Adams will continue to post updates on YouTube.

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