"She only deserves good things": Fans pour in support for IVE's Wonyoung after she sends emotional messages

IVE Wonyoung
IVE Wonyoung's sudden messages result in fans showering her with love (Image via Twitter/IVEstarship)

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, "Forever with Wonyoung" trended on Twitter after the IVE singer sent some messages on the artist-fan messaging app UNIVERSE.

The messages seemed sudden to Wonyoung's fans, who then began worrying about her because of the nature of her texts. The 18-year-old idol has faced the brunt of many criticisms online, some of which got harsher with time.

she only deserves good things and love FOREVER WITH WONYOUNG 💗#WeLoveYouWonyoung

In the text, the IVE singer shared that she gained strength by knowing that she has “unnies” (term of respect for older females) by her side. Although the cryptic nature of her text made fans concerned, they sent in words of encouragement to support the IVE singer on Twitter in hopes of cheering her up.

IVE’s Wonyoung once again trends on Twitter as fans shower her with unconditional support

it's a bit unusual for wonyoung to go on pm late at night and she talked about gaining strength from us :( she said if someone is giving her a hard time, she can just say "i have dives, you're jealous right?" and that "everything will be okay since i have you" 🥹🥹

For K-pop fans, cheering up their idols in times of any kind of worry is a big deal and they take it seriously. DIVEs, IVE’s fandom, recently took to Twitter to send in an abundance of support to the 18-year-old member, Wonyoung.

On January 4, the IVE singer sent multiple messages on UNIVERSE where she mentioned that she was grateful to the people who supported her and cheered for her. She added that she also cheers for them:

“It gives me strength to know that I have an unnie who cheers me on, I have an unnie, I bet you’re jealous”

She then added:

“Unnie, now you can say the same to people who give you a difficult time, Say it with me, I have Wonyoung, I bet you’re jealous”

After reading the messages, fans wondered if the idol had read any of the controversies or hate comments against her online. The most recent incident was when Wonyoung and Leeseo were targeted incessantly for allegedly lip-syncing their cover of IU’s strawberry moon at the 2022 MBC Gayo Dajejeon on December 31.

wonyoung I know you've been through very difficult times but remember that dive will always love you please take care of yourself, eat well and drink plenty of water don't be so hard on yourself We love you wonyoung Siempre con wonyoung #WeLoveYouWonyoung

While it isn’t clear what led the IVE singer to send those messages, fans began pouring supportive messages with the hashtag #WeLoveYouWonyoung. One fan mentioned that it was “a bit unusual” for the singer to message her fans late at night and talk about encouragement.

Meanwhile, others commented on how despite being a "minor," she has to deal with sasaengs (anti-fans) and that it must be "exhauting to deal with negativity" most of the time.

Ever since PD48, Wonyoung has been dealing with antis and she has never bothered herself with them. That’s because she knows that it’s exhausting to deal with negativity and that the love she receives is bigger & greater 💖FOREVER WITH WONYOUNG#WeLoveYouWonyoung…
we love you wony, you and ive members are the best that ever happened ❤️ #WeLoveYouWonyoung
the one that always put everyone else first my sweetest wonyoung im always here by your side FOREVER WITH WONYOUNG#WeLoveYouWonyoung
Wony worked so hard at 13, built her name when everyone is against her and now everything is still the same except that she's on top now but I want to remind people Wonyoung is still a minor, she's still a person, be good to her for onceFOREVER WITH WONYOUNG#WeLoveYouWonyoung
thank you for everything wonyoung, you have no idea about the positive impact you have made in this world <3 #WeLoveYouWonyoung
you are so loved wonyoung please don’t listen to those stupid people on the internet :(FOREVER WITH WONYOUNG#WeLoveYouWonyoung

IVE’s fans criticize KBS for publishing news of the lip-syncing incident in an insensitive tone

Wonyoung and Leeseo’s lip-syncing controversy spread like wildfire on the internet, both on South Korean forums and international sites. KBS News was one of the websites that reported the news. However, their choice of words was deemed insensitive and disrespectful by DIVEs.

On Thursday, January 5, KBS News posted a video with the thumbnail:

"'Are these guys singers' Trending girl group criticized”
@byminjis kbs made a video about them lip syncing and criticising em while wonyoung is mc on music bank so prob that’s what happened

The video instantly came under DIVEs’ radar. They criticized the network channel for publishing the incident in such a manner, even though Wonyoung has also been an MC at KBS’ music show Music Bank for a while.

Wonyung's fans believed that the network should have been mindful in talking about the issue. Their anger led them to demand that the IVE singer should leave her position as a host.

wtf kbs wonyoung is literally your mc.. she's carrying YOU
and i swear to god once wonyoung's contact with kbs is done TRUST kbs will have their downfall…

In other news, IVE will hold their first-ever concert titled The Prom Queens in February for two nights, February 11 and 12, 2023.

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