5 times IVE Jang Wonyoung's criticism controversies frustrated fans

5 times IVE Jang Wonyoung
5 times IVE Jang Wonyoung's baseless criticism frustrated fans (Image via Twitter/@IVEstarship)

Jang Wonyoung, the K-pop idol who debuted in the six-member girl group IVE, has always garnered criticism and attention for various things, most of which fans find unreasonable. Since her debut in a previously disbanded group called Iz*One in 2018, the eighteen-year-old K-pop idol has been the subject of far too many scandals and rumors.

While some criticism appears to be acceptable to a point, fans find that over time, these criticisms have become groundless and aimlessly point towards Jang Wonyoung, making fans defensive. Through the several times netizens came at her with the faults they found in her, DIVEs (IVE's fandom) always had her back.

5 times DIVEs defended the unjust criticism Jang Wonyoung received

1) Lazy dancing

During the 2022 KBS Song Festival on December 16, when IVE was performing their latest releases, LOVE DIVE and After LIKE, on stage, netizens eagle-eyed Jang Wonyoung, calling her out for her lazy dancing. During the dance break between the two songs, the girls were required to flip their hair as part of the choreography.

Wonyoung, who avoided the move, received a lot of criticism, with netizens labeling her as a lazy performer despite the fact that she wasn't the only one who didn't flip her hair. Fans soon took the stance to defend her, saying that the weight of her hairstyle wouldn't have allowed her to twirl freely. They also reasoned against the criticism by showcasing other clips from the performance that prove she's one of the best fourth-gen performers.

2) Hideous stage outfits

Outfits that idols wear for their stage performances and other events are mostly done by the company stylists, Jang Wonyoung received criticism for her outfits and makeup regardless.

On one hand, netizens claimed that their company, Starship Entertainment, has been showcasing favoritism towards the idol, who's dressed better and in more attention-grabbing clothing in comparison to the other members. However, they also called her and the company out for supposedly giving her hideous clothing and makeup to negate the favoritism allegations.

Her outfits at many events, stages, and variety shows have caught people's attention. The criticism she received regardless of the topic's essence fueled the frustration of fans. With every question raised against her outfits or makeup, DIVEs are the first to ask people to leave her alone.

3) Plastic surgery allegations

One of the most recent allegations against Jang Wonyoung is that she underwent plastic surgery. Many went on the internet to compare the idol's recent facial features with those of when she just debuted in 2018, and noticed many changes in the areas of her chin, lips, and nose.

Though there is no solid proof that she had plastic surgery and the changes in her features could be due to other factors, people speculate based on rumors. Given that plastic surgeries are not a very popular topic in Korea, fans are once again angered by Jang Wonyoung being the center of hatred and criticism.

4) Acting cute

An old yet one of the popular criticisms that Jang Wonyoung received was acting cute and being too self-conscious of the cameras filming her. The backlash began when a video of her eating a strawberry with two hands surfaced. When IVE appeared on The Manager, the idol who ate the strawberry received a lot of hate for acting too cute.

However, DIVEs came forth once again to defend her, explaining how her job as a K-pop idol requires certain qualities from her, with acting cute and pretty being one of them. Many people thought it was ridiculous to hate an idol for eating a fruit when more serious scandals were surfacing.

5) Interaction with Leeseo

The resurfaced interaction between Jang Wonyoung and Leeseo has been the talk of the town, with more criticism directed towards the idol for her behavior towards the latter. During a live stream with fans, a fan asked Leeseo if the sweater she was wearing belonged to Wonyoung since they had seen a similar one on the latter during their stage performances.

Leeseo replied that it was their fellow member Rei's sweater. When Wonyoung insisted on checking the tag to know the brand, people found that it was maybe not the best thing to do on camera. While fans do agree that it might have been unnecessary for her to check the tag, they also believe that the issue is pretty common for roommates and nothing to raise a scandal out of.

As the number of critics surrounding Jang Wonyoung grows, fans fortify their defenses, continuing to backfire on every allegation and baseless hatred she receives.

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