IVE Wonyoung’s fans trend “ALICE apologise to Wonyoung” for allegedly mocking the popular idol

ALICE is under fire for allegedly mocking IVE
ALICE is under fire for allegedly mocking IVE's Wonyoung in a recent video (Image via Twitter/@IVE_DEFENDER)

Girl group ALICE’s members Chaejeong and Yeonje are under fire for mocking IVE’s Jang Wonyoung on a variety show.

Chaejeong and Yeonje were guesting on the Korean variety show The Manager. During a behind-the-scenes moment, the girls were spotted trying to eat strawberries cutely, using both their hands.

Additionally, the two ALICE’s members were spotted speaking in a childish manner while chewing their strawberries, making K-pop fans wonder if they were mocking IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, who had previously guested on the show and went viral for eating strawberries in a similar fashion.

However, IVE Wongyoung’s fans are upset and have accused the ALICE members of purposely mocking the Love Dive singer. Following this, they have been trending “ALICE apologise to Wonyoung” on social media platforms.

IVE's Wonyoung versus ALICE’s fandoms get into a heated debate about the viral strawberry-eating incident

A few months ago, IVE’s Wonyoung appeared on the Korean variety show The Manager, where the singer went viral for eating a strawberry with both her hands. When asked why she ate the strawberry in that manner, she revealed that the berry was big in size. Hence, she chewed on it using both her hands and clarified that she wasn’t acting cute on purpose.

Some netizens felt that she was acting cute and likable on purpose, while others felt she was trying to be "a variety show material." Nonetheless, Wonyoung’s strawberry-eating clip went viral, with various content creators following suit and making parody videos of the same. TikTok creator DaeraDaera even posted a video allegedly mocking the Love Dive singer’s strawberry-eating habit and had to apologize to the group’s fans after facing severe backlash from fans.

A couple of months later, the strawberry-eating incident has gained traction once again because of ALICE's Yeonje and Chaejeong. In one of the behind-the-scenes videos, the two members were giggling and laughing among themselves while eating their strawberries.

Following this, certain Wonyoung fans came to the conclusion that the two ALICE members were mocking and parodying the Love Dive singer and her viral strawberry-eating incident. They even demanded that Yeonje and Chaejeong apologize to the idol for mocking her in their video.

Additionally, IVE's fans pointed out that ALICE’s members have a history of mocking idols, and they previously made fun of Wanna One's Lai Kuan Lin‘s Korean accent. When faced with backlash from the boy band's fans, Bella, the member who mocked his Korean accent, formally apologized.

Taking to twitter, IVE’s fans claimed that ALICE's members have not learned anything from the past and are repeating the same mistake again.

Meanwhile, ALICE's fans defended the members, stating that the girls were only following the staff’s orders, who were asking them to eat the strawberries cutely. They also tweeted that IVE’s fans are creating an issue out of nothing and should not attack ALICE’s members in such a hurtful manner.

As of this writing, fans are awaiting a response from ALICE’s label, IOK Company.

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