Who was Diamond from Diamond and Silk? Net worth explored as Diamond passes away at 51

Image via @SebGorka/Twitter, @Phil_Lewis_/Twitter
Diamond and Silk are Pro-Trump. (Image via @SebGorka/Twitter, @Phil_Lewis_/Twitter)

Diamond, from the conservative duo "Diamond and Silk," passed away on January 9 at 51.

The news was announced by former American president Donald Trump on his social media platform Truth Social, revealing that her death was "totally unexpected."

Screenshot of Donald Trump's tribute to the deceased. (Image via @CollinRugg/Twitter)
Screenshot of Donald Trump's tribute to the deceased. (Image via @CollinRugg/Twitter)

Trump wrote:

“Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL Americans. Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the State she loved so much, North Carolina."

Soon after, the news was confirmed by the sister duo's official Twitter handle, which dubbed the conservative pundit a "True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity!" and asked for privacy.

Diamond and Silk's net worth explored

Diamond, whose real name was Lynette Hardaway, was one part of the famed conservative sister duo. They rose to prominence in 2016 as African-American hailers of Donald Trump during his presidential election.

As per the Fayetteville Observer, the two were born to pastor Betty Willis Hardaway and Freeman and were among their five kids.

The sister duo were long-time Democrats and switched their allegiance to Donald Trump to support his presidency. That ultimately caught the attention of the former president and his allies.

Donald Trump invited the sisters to his 2017 inauguration and campaigned with the duo. They were even invited to the Oval office. They were fired from Fox News in 2020 after they promoted conspiracy theories related to Covid-19 on air.

According to Popular Net Worth, the sister duo has a combined net worth of $5 million. The fortune has been garnered due to their immense popularity among Trump fans.

As per Huff Post, the conservative sister duo belonged to North Carolina. Their Instagram handle boasts several pictures and videos of them with Trump. For their staunchly conservative views, the duo bagged their own shows on Fox News and Newsmax TV. Their main source of income was via their podcast and YouTube channel.

According to Meaww, they have also made money via their fans' meetups since they would charge $50 for each ticket to see them and $150 to click photos.

As for Hardaway's health, in November 2022, the duo's Twitter handle asked their followers to pray for Hardaway's recovery but did not specify what she was suffering from. She returned to her show the following month and rubbished online speculations that she was in the hospital because of coronavirus and dubbed it "fake news."

Tributes pour in for Diamond in the wake of her death at 51

After the news of Hardaway's death went viral, Twitter paid tribute to the deceased. Several users remembered her contribution to the country by sharing her pictures and videos at events.

As of writing, the cause of Hardaway's death is unknown.

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