"SKZ NCT MAJOR CRUMBS": Fans elated as Stray Kids' Felix and Changbin attend NCT 127's NEO CITY: THE UNITY Tour

Stray Kids
Stray Kids' Changbin and Felix, NCT 127 (Image via X/@NCTDAOYlNG)

On Friday, November 24, NCT 127 rolled out the fourth day of their NEO CITY: THE UNITY Tour, a six-day concert conducted at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, Korea. Given that this is most likely the group's last tour before the members begin leaving for the mandatory military enlistment, even the members who couldn't bag their concert tickets have been enthusiastically engaging with the concert's content online.

While the past three concert days have been smoothly progressing, fans were shocked to realize that Stray Kids' Felix and Changbin were present in the audience on the fourth day, exciting fans about their close friendship with the NCT 127 members. The leader of the group, Taeyong, also took the time to introduce them in the middle of the concert and thanked both the Stray Kids members for their attendance at the concert.

Fans were thrilled over the special attendance of Stray Kids' Felix and Changbin at the NCT 127 concert, NEO CITY: THE UNITY

NCT 127 recently announced their dome tour at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, Korea, which will be held over two weeks, with six concerts in total. Since the members are most likely expected to leave for their mandatory military service as the eldest member, Taeil, is close to turning 30 (the age limit for military enlistment), many fans anticipate this tour to be the last as a whole group until the members return.

Additionally, given that the group rolled a comeback, their fifth studio album Fact Check, fans were excited to see the members roll out their performance for their fresh tracks like Space, Fact Check, etc. They also had other surprises rolled up their sleeve, like the members' solo performance and the revival of their old iconic tracks like Punch, Paradise, etc.

As the three shows from November 17 to 19 put forth several exciting events, fans were again up for a treat as NCT 127 rolled out their fourth show on November 24. Among the several audience members who came to support NCT 127 at their sold-out venue, Stray Kids' Felix and Changbin were also present. During the middle of the concert, the group's leader, Taeyong, took the time to introduce and thank them for coming to support the group's concert.

Doyoung was the first to point out Felix's presence at the concert, and Taeyong immediately thanked them for coming and confirmed to the audience that Changbin was also present. However, those were not the only K-pop idols at the NEO CITY: THE UNITY concert. Jaehyun also introduced his friend, GOT7's Yugyeom, who was present in the audience.

"Today, my friend came too... Yugyeomie."

Sitting right next to Stray Kids' Changbin and Felix was another K-pop idol, (G)I-DLE's Miyeon. Fans couldn't get enough of the unexpected interactions and appearances on the fourth day of NCT 127's Dome tour.

With the group having two more dates left on their dome tour, fans have been looking forward to other exciting events that might roll out from the same.

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