"So disappointing": Fans appalled with the new voting system in 'So You Think You Can Dance' Episode 5

So You Think You Can Dance (Image via Instagram/@danceonfox)
So You Think You Can Dance (Image via Instagram/@danceonfox)
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So You Think You Can Dance Season 17 returned for another foot-tapping episode on Wednesday night. This season, viewers have seen the series undergo a lot of changes that they haven't been happy with. From the new judges to rushing the choreography round, fans have criticized the series. But, now they've found another reason to be appalled.

Episode 5 of So You Think You Can Dance showcased the series celebrating its 300th episode. If the introduction of Leah Remini as the new judge wasn't enough to upset fans, Cat Deeley also revealed that this season for the first time, viewers at home will not be able to vote for their favorite contestant.

The host shared that the audience will be the ones making the decision of who will stay and who will go. The elimination will be based on the studio audience votes and the judges' criques. For viewers who've been long-time fans of the show, this was disappointing news.

@InesD @KristynBurtt So disappointing 😒😕 So “America” (we the fans watching) don’t get to vote for their favorite dancer… only those fortunate enough to be in the audience? 😒😒#SYTYCD

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to share that they were shocked and disappointed with the new format.

Fans upset that they can't vote in So You Think You Can Dance, Episode 5

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that this was disappointing news. Some also shared that they were hurt and appalled by the series' new decision.

@DANCEonFOX This is no longer about "America's Favorite Dancer" as the MAJORITY of America can't vote! WTF? Bring online voting back!!! #SYTYCD
James, Essence & Keaton are my early favorites. I don't like that the audience doesn't get to vote. And where were the choreo intros before the dances. 🤷I'm happy my show is back but it feels like a shell of itself.#SYTYCD
@discoliz Omg yes!!! I thought are you kidding me?!?! I absolutely love this show, and I know the budget is lower this season, but I miss being able to vote and I also miss the packages showing them learning the dance routines. Upside is I love @LeahRemini #SYTYCD
@lsukelly_ I dont wanna see all them stories, I just wanna see the dance competition. Now I dont like the fact that we can’t vote. That is just stupid. #SYTYCD
Wait, wait, wait so we can't even vote anymore?! I'm basically watching to see who JoJo's favorite dancer is?! FFS who's in charge, why do they hate us & are they just trying to ruin the best dance show on 📺 We better get another season but fire whoever it is 1st please #sytycd
#SYTYCD had some fantastic performances tonight, but I can't get past the new voting system. How can the winner be "America's Favorite Dancer" when only the studio audience gets to vote? Glad the show is back, but that hurts.
Wait. I don't get to vote this season?!? I love being a part of the action. How can you pick "America's Fave Dancer" if America doesn't vote?! Not cool #SYTYCD
The fact I can’t vote on #Sytycd is appalling. The new format disappointing.
#SYTYCD Great group performance at the close of the show! I miss being able to vote as an at-home viewer.😕
So...No Nigel.No Mary.No #SYTYCD theme song for commercial intros/outros.No choreo segments showing rehearsals/explaining the story behind the routine.Prize cut from $250K to $100K.And now viewers don't get to vote for "America's Favorite Dancer," just the studio audience?
I was fine with all of the changes this season. But why can’t America vote? Huge bummer. #SYTYCD
Why am I watching if I can’t vote? #SYTYCD

More details on what happened this week

This week, the series unveiled the top 12 contestants who advanced from last week's choreography round. The top 24 contestants learned of their fate on the show in pairs. The dancers who advanced then went on to perform a choreographed routine this week.

The 12 contestants who advanced were, James “Lord Finn” Thomas, Virginia Crouse, Waverly Fredericks, Jordan Betscher, Essence Wilmington, Anna Miller, Beau Harmon, Thiago Pacheco, Carter Williams, Keaton Kermode, Alexis Warr and Raylyn Johnson.

After the top 12 contestants performed their routine for the judges and received their critiques, it was time for the studio audience to cast their vote. The four contestants who were in the bottom four were, Thiago, Essence, Carter and Virginia.

But viewers were in for another surprise when it came to elimination. tWitch shared that since it was the series' 300th episode, there would be no elimination and all the contestants would move on to the next round.

Apart from that, the series also introduced famed actress Leah Remini as the new judge who replaced Matthew Morrison on the show. Leah joined Jojo Siwa and tWitch, as a judge for the rest of the season. While some fans were happy with the decision, most weren't.

Fans shared their opinion, claiming that she had no prior experience as a dancer and was not qualified. Some were also upset that the series didn't call any other professional dancer, choreographer, or even a previous season judge.

I think we can agree that the real winners of tonight are us, the audience. 🔥 #SYTYCD

The reality TV dance competition series ended this week's episode with a group number by the Top 12 contestants. They performed to Bussin by Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby. The routine was choreographed by Luther Brown.

Next week when the series returns, the top 12 contestants will compete in pairs and in the style of their female partner. The audience and judges will get to vote for their favorite male and female dancer. The two dancers with the least votes will be eliminated.

So You Think You Can Dance airs every Wednesday night at 9:00 pm ET. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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