"They really destroyed this show": So You Think You Can Dance fans upset after show rushes through choreography round 

tWitch, JoJo Siwa, Matthew (Image via Instagram/@danceonfox)
tWitch, JoJo Siwa, Matthew (Image via Instagram/@danceonfox)
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So You Think You Can Dance returned to Fox for an all-new foot-tapping episode on Wednesday night. Titled The Big Cut - Choreography Round, this week, the fourth round of auditions ended. The contestants who advanced to the Choreography round also gave it their best shot, hoping to make it to the Top 12.

While the reality TV competition series witnessed some impeccable talent during the auditions, it all boiled down to the contestants nailing the choreography round. Only the Top 12 contestants who impressed the judges the most will move ahead by the end of the choreography round.

Despite three rounds of elimination during the choreography round, it all seemed rushed as the dancers barely received any screen time. So You Think You Can Dance fans were upset and claimed that the judges received undeserved focus. Right from the start of the season premiere, fans have been vocal about their opinions on the judges and the show.

Fans have once again taken to social media and called out the reality TV competition series for rushing through the choreography round, which made it seem like it was badly edited and cluttered.

Fans criticize So You Think You Can Dance for rushing through the choreography round

On Twitter, fans claimed that they destroyed the show by rushing the choreography round. Some also added that there was two episodes worth of content merged into one.

@KatInTheCLE Right!! Wtf! They really destroyed this show 😞 #SYTYCD
@cheleg I'm holding out hope for the top 12, but it's not looking good. This show used to be about dance and for dancers. I can't see jack with the camera movement and editing.
Good episode! I feel like there might have been 2 episodes worth of content here. But I know a lot of that stuff is determined by the network and I think we still got a good taste of what these dancers can do. Excited to find out the top 12 and really get to know them! #SYTYCD
This ep was far & away the best yet HOWEVER, the editing is infuriating. We saw 1 person dance for their life. ONE. Like…why?? I just don’t understand these mega condensed eps. What happened to the 2 hour eps @DANCEonFOX!?😩Anyway top 12 is gonna be lit I’m ready #sytycd
#sytycd I'd rather they didn't come back than half ass this season. Horrible camera work. All story. No dance. Just complete crap.
So, to be clear: Time off, less audition shows every year, no Vegas/Academy this year, AND this choreography round was smashed into one single episode.Buuuuuut we still get the selection part drawn out.No shade to the dancers AT ALL. But FOX?DO BETTER. #SYTYCD
I don’t appreciate the fast forward. Don’t rush me. #SYTYCD
Seriously though, who’s idea was it to completely destroy the audition/ choreo round of #SYTYCD? You should be sent home!!!!!
@KristynBurtt @DANCEonFOX I don't know because @DANCEonFOX butchered this show so I don't know any of the dancers! 🤬 #SYTYCD
Why is #SYTYCD rushing through the whole audition and choreo process? That’s the fun in watching this show. Please bring back the old format and judges. Also bring back the top 20!
#sytycd WTH have they done to one of my fav shows??? Jo Jo Siwa is not qualified to be a judge on a dance show. They drop 30 dancers in 1 hour. I guess they picked there 12 already, why bother with tonight.

More details on what happened on So You Think Can Dance

This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the series aired with the fourth round of auditions. Post which, it continued with the much-awaited choreography round. Only the best of the best who would impress the judges with their impeccable performance would advance to the Top 12 after the Big Cut.

As mentioned earlier, the choreography round consisted of three rounds led by famed choreographer Mandy Moore. The contestants had to perform in their dance style for the first round. For the second round, they had to perform in pairs.

The contestants who made it through to the third round had to perform in a group routine. After all three rounds, only 12 contestants will advance to next week. By the end of rehearsals, one contestant’s foot was dripping with blood. The song the contestants performed to was I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston.

After the choreography round on So You Can Think You Can Dance, the contestants moved on to the waiting room. On the other hand, the judges deliberated over their decision on who to save and who to send home. While discussing, tWitch noted that the winner would be one amongst the 12 contestants they choose.

Matthew asked the other judges if he would like to predict who he thinks has a high chance of winning, So You Think You Can Dance. While the two judges laughed, JoJo Siwa said she would like to pick and pointed at one contestant's photo. She claimed, in her opinion, she thinks that this would be the contestant who could win the competition.

When So You Think You Can Dance returns next week, the judges break the news to the contestants. Half of them get sent home, while the other half advance to the Top 12.

So You Think You Can Dance airs every Wednesday at 9 pm ET only on Fox. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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