"SOMEONE SLAP ME": NCT's Lucas updates his Instagram with a dance practice video

NCT's Lucas updates his Instagram (Image via Twitter/@NCT_smtown, Instagram/@lucas_xx444

On April 11, NCT's Lucas updated his Instagram with a dance practice after quite a long break from social media platforms. The idol, who is still on hiatus as a result of the cheating and dating scandals in 2021, was last seen active on Instagram with a video of him dancing in the practice room with a photo posted by Lee Sung-soo, the CEO of SM Entertainment, where the two were sitting next to each other.

While many people speculated that the last post marked the official return of NCT's Lucas back to his idol career, the inactivity that followed soon after calmed down the speculations. Fans couldn't help but believe that Lucas is getting ready for an official comeback after seeing yet another dance practice video that the idol posted on his Instagram story.

Fans celebrate the recent update of NCT's Lucas on his Instagram story

Since the update was quite unexpected for fans, they naturally freaked out and went crazy over the sudden update from NCT's Lucas. Ever since his February update, where the idol was seen dancing in his practice room, fans have held their expectations high, hoping that Lucas will be more active and will return to the group soon. With fans' prayers finally coming to fruition, they've been celebrating the return of the idol while also speculating on theories about what the future holds for Lucas and his fans.

Given that the video showcases the idol practicing in SM Entertainment's practice room, fans are sure that Lucas has neither left the company nor paused his career. Fans also think that NCT's Lucas will resume his idol activities soon enough given that all of his updates have been about dance rehearsals. However, what remains uncertain is whether he will be joining NCT, WayV, and SuperM.

Despite the uncertainties that have been surrounding NCT's Lucas for a while, fans continue to cherish every glimpse that they get to see of the idol. Following the Instagram upload by Lucas, fans went berserk over the same and flew to Twitter and other social media platforms to express how they felt about his update.

Soon after, Twitter was flooded with tweets from fans as they shared how much they missed the idol and couldn't wait to see him officially active in the K-pop industry again.

While there's an abundance of positive reactions to the recent activity of NCT's Lucas, many have been unhappy with the same. With respect to the dating scandal that Lucas was fired under in 2021, where his ex-girlfriends came forward with confessions explaining how the idol had used them, gaslighted them, and also cheated on them. There were also extreme confessions that explained how Lucas had se*ually abused his partners.

However, much of the controversy was put to rest when the people involved in the issue went through a lawsuit. Even if the main accusations against him were denied, the cheating and gaslighting scandal persisted, dividing the support of his admirers. Even some NCTzens, while they love and support NCT and its many sub-units, find it hard to support NCT's Lucas following the scandals.

Regardless, fans who've been yearning and desperately hoping for the return of Lucas have been happy with Lucas's activity and hope that they'll get a tangible comeback from the idol soon.

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Edited by Dev Sharma