'Street Woman Fighter' participant Lee Su speaks up about the alleged school bullying allegations

WAYB member and Street Woman Fighter contestant Lee Su (Image via Instagram/@withleesu)
WAYB member and Street Woman Fighter contestant Lee Su (Image via Instagram/@withleesu)
Afreen Khan

Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter' has made headlines again for another controversy. Lee Su, a contestant on the show, took to her Instagram story to speak up and reveal the truth behind the school bullying allegations against her.

She revealed that she met with the netizen who claimed to be a victim of her bullying and cleared up the misunderstanding. She neither took part in any bullying situation nor did she spread rumors about the person. As stated by her, Lee Su received an apology from the netizen.

Lee Su of Street Woman Fighter addresses school bullying allegations

On September 14, a netizen alleged 'Street Woman Fighter' contestant Lee Su for bullying her, spreading derogatory rumors about her, and making her an outcast. She allegedly said that it drove her to the point where she had to drop out of school. She even added that Lee Su never apologized for her actions.

On September 18, Lee Su finally broke the silence and personally addressed the issue on her Instagram story. She shared that she met with the alleged victim and cleared them of any misunderstandings.

The alleged victim also apologized to Lee Su after realizing that Lee Su never took part in any form of bullying. But the contestant apologized for being a bystander to the school's bullying environment.

Read Lee Su's apology, as translated by Koreaboo, below:

Hello. This is Leesu from WAYB on Street Woman Fighter. I’m going to write to tell you about my point of view regarding the recent school violence matters. I have recently contacted the OP and have met up to talk with her.
We talked about the truths regarding the misunderstandings about our schooling days where regarding the part that I led the rumors and her ostracization and solved that misunderstanding. I also received an apology about that. I have also apologized for being a bystander regarding the situation at school and for supporting it as well.
I’m sorry for having caused controversy regarding such matters. I will look back upon myself to become a better person and so that such misunderstandings will not happen in the future and will show it through future promotions. Thank you to those that waited for me and believed me. - Leesu

Lee Su is part of the dance crew WAYB, a participating group on 'Street Woman Fighter' and known for her impeccable dancing skills. Netizens are surprised by Lee Su's speed of clearing things up. When some agencies take a week, or even more, the WAYB dancer met and ironed things out in just a couple of days.

This isn't the first time Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter' has been embroiled in a controversy. Previously, the show was slammed by netizens for their use of the Islamic call of prayer, Adhan or Azan, for aesthetics in their intro video of a teaser.

Most recently, another contestant on 'Street Woman Fighter' was also accused of school bullying allegations. At the start of September, a netizen posted on Nate Pann's community and alleged PROWDMON's Hyeily bullying her in and out of school, giving evidence that they both attended the same elementary and middle school. However, she deleted the post after some time.

'Street Woman Fighter' airs every Tuesday at 10.20 PM KST on Mnet channel.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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