Suspicion review: Lacking in mystery and suspense, with more suspicion in its execution

The cast of the series (Image via Apple TV+)
The cast of the series (Image via Apple TV+)

Suspicion is afoot here. Apple TV+ has just dropped their most recent TV series Suspicion on their platform. When a young man named Leo Newman, son of media mogul Katherine Newman (Uma Thurman) is kidnapped by a group of vigilantes, five different people become implicated in the crime.

Only the first two episodes have been released so far, hence it’s hard to say who may be involved in the crime.


Based upon the Israeli series False Flag, the series stars Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) in this crime thriller, with very little thrills, fewer tricks up its sleeve and a lack of interest in coherent plotting.

Without further ado, here is why this show is not the compelling series that AppleTV+ reckoned.

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Why Suspicion is a letdown

An unoriginal premise

Lydia West and Georgina Campbell in 'Suspicion' (Image via Apple TV+)
Lydia West and Georgina Campbell in 'Suspicion' (Image via Apple TV+)

With the rise of crime-thrillers on différent streaming platforms, it almost feels that these series are starting to have the same feel to them. It always involves one or more people getting entangled in a crime and having to find the suspect and clearing their name.

It seems that nothing has changed with this particular series. With that being said, given that it offers nothing new in terms of originality, it’s fair to say that it may not get any more interesting over the next couple of episodes like Netflix's Stay Close.

There are almost zero thrills

Uma Thurman as Katherine Newman (Image via Apple TV+)
Uma Thurman as Katherine Newman (Image via Apple TV+)

One would think that a crime-thriller would be thrilling. However, that seems like the exact opposite of this series and only works to its detriment. It could be a lot more thrilling if the plot wasn’t so predictable but even that aspect of the show crashes down.

The series has shown nothing to even elicit a thrill but instead prides itself on people, specifically agents and suspects, talking and going over already-seen expositions that seem to get the audience nowhere. It’s truly disappointing because the show does have great potential.

Tired characters

The cast of 'Suspicion' (Image via Apple TV+)
The cast of 'Suspicion' (Image via Apple TV+)

One thing that viewers will notice is the fact that these character archetypes have already been seen. They have just been repackaged in a différent show and possibly on a différent platform. It’s sad knowing that these feel like the same recycled characters that are already employed in the genre.

The problem truly lies in its overcrowded cast where each character is given the spotlight for the audience to see but not enough for proper character development. Along with that, the show fails to provide a valid reason to care about these characters.

It’s hard to watch something where nothing about the characters seems riveting or groundbreaking. The series might have worked better as a comedy but The Afterparty was already released a few weeks ago.

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