"Sweeping awards even in the military!": Fans react as BTS' V, RM were reportedly two of the only 4 elite trainees from 800 soldiers to receive awards

BTS' V and RM (Images Via Instagram/@rkive)

BTS’ fans were over the moon when they discovered that only four elite trainees were reportedly awarded out of 800 soldiers, of which RM and V were the two trainees. On January 15, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook had concluded their five-week basic military training before being deployed to their units.

Previously, it was reported that six elite trainees out of 200 trainees were awarded. However, on January 22 a netizen claimed that only four elite trainees out of 800 soldiers were awarded. According to @romantic_tae on the X, the graduation ceremony held at Nonsan Training Center was a joint ceremony of eight companies in two units. Eight hundred soldiers reportedly attended the ceremony, while the four people received the elite trainee award and two regiments received Best Squad Group. Six people were present at the podium to accept the awards.

BTS Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on this. Many fans expressed their pride in the members as they were reportedly the two elite trainees selected from a massive number of soldiers.

A fan on the X said:

“Sweeping awards in the military!”

"I'm so proud of Tae and Joonie": "Sweeping awards even in the military!": Fans ecstatic as BTS' V, RM were reportedly two of the only 4 elite trainees from 800 soldiers to receive awards

On January 16, At the graduation ceremony at Nonsan Training Centre, BTS members Kim Taehyung and Kim Namjoon completed their basic training. They received the Elite Trainee award for achieving exemplary grades. According to the reports by Yonhap News, RM and V received awards as two out of five soldiers.

A trainee is required to complete more than 86 curl-ups in 2 minutes, more than 72 push-ups in 2 minutes, run for 3 km within 12 minutes and 30 seconds, 1.5 km run in 5 minutes and 28 seconds, and 16 out of 20 zero-point shots, to achieve Elite Trainee award.

However, on this day, a Netizen claimed they were two of only four trainees honored with this status. The leader of the septet shared some moments from the ceremony on social media. He was seen donning his military uniform, posing alongside the Layover singer.

Furthermore, he also shared the certificate he received after his training. BTS' Fans were delighted to hear this news; they shared their reactions on the X. Many praised the two idols for performing well during the training.

Here are some reactions.

More on BTS’ V and RM's military service journey

Currently, the Slow Dancing singer is receiving an additional three-week training at the Army Administrative School since he has chosen to join the Special Duty Team of the Capital Defence command. On the other hand, RM was deployed to the 15th division upon his basic training completion.

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