"TAEHYUNG LITERALLY WENT BACK TO THE PAST": Fans emotional as BTS' V debuts a short haircut during Weverse live session ahead of his enlistment

BTS' V (Images Via @honortaehyung/Instagram)

V, aka Kim Taehyung, debuted with short hair in his recent weverse live session, making fans emotional. The Layover singer is gearing up for his military service, and this could be one of the first steps in his preparations.

On December 5, BTS members RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook took to Weverse live to interact and catch up with fans for the last time before their military enlistment. Fans of the Slow Dancing singer noticed a major change in his appearance as he had cut his hair short.

Fans on social media shared their thoughts and feelings watching his new look. They highlighted that his new hair resembled one of his old hairstyles, with one user saying, “TAEHYUNG LITERALLY WENT BACK TO THE PAST."

“You look so young with new hairstyle”: Fans reacted to Kim Taehyung's haircut

While four members of BTS sat together for a live session on Weverse before their military enlistment, fans quickly noticed the differences in the members’ hair. Jungkook got his hair buzzed like RM; however, Jimin’s hair is still intact in blonde.

The Winter Bear singer chopped his hair and many fans are already finding similarities between his hairstyle from a few years ago and the new one. Many also said that his new hair radiates the same aura and energy as he had in his debut era.

Fans pointed out that he once wore a wig back in 2017 before DNA was released to hide his hair color. The wig from the DNA era was quite similar to his latest style and fans believe the singer looks much younger with shorter hair now.

While talking about his haircut, Kim Taehyung compared his hair to the popular Anime character Pokémon. The BTS maknae, Jungkook, refuted that he finds it cute. Fans on the internet were gushing over their wholesome bond.

About Kim Taehyung’s military service

Previously, it was reported that Kim Taehyung would join the Special Task Force for his mandatory military service. During the recent Weverse live session, the For Us singer briefly commented about the same, translated by @taeguide on X,

“There was article(s) coming out about the unit I will be enlisting. ARMYs were worried, but honestly, I just wanted to challenge myself by going there. I'm going because I'm willing to take the bull by the horns and I have my own set goal so please do not worry too much please. I am challenging myself but also know how to deflect when needed. I shall return healthy and not hurt. Please trust only me.”

The Love Me Again singer will follow the designated procedure for his enlistment, according to BIGHIT MUSIC's latest statement. They informed fans that no special event would take place and requested them to refrain from visiting the enlisting site.

Edited by Ivanna Lalsangzuali