“Take care Taeyong”: Fans concerned as NCT127’s Taeyong confesses severe back pain has resulted in leg paralysis 

Featuring NCT Taeyong (Image via taeoxo_nct)
Featuring NCT Taeyong (Image via taeoxo_nct)

On February 2's episode of YouTube vlog GYM JONG KOOK, NCT127’s Taeyong confessed that he has a bad back that often causes severe pain, and that it has resulted in paralysis in his legs.

NCT127 members Taeyong, Jungwoo, and Jaehyun appeared on the show as special guests to get some tips from Kim Jong-kook. It is the personal YouTube vlog of fitness trainer and blogger who specializes in giving workout tips to guests who appear on his show.

As it happens, when fans became aware of the NCT127 idol's sad condition, they wished that the agency would give them some time to rest, and one fan tweeted:

pls take care taeyong 😭…

Fans concerned about NCT127's Taeyong's health, advise him to take necessary rest


Since it was reported that NCT127’s Taeyong was dealing with severe back pain and had been facing hazardous consequences due to it, fans could not stop worrying about the idol. After hearing his confession that the pain had caused him paralysis in his legs, fans took to social media explaining that it was not a new pain but an accumulation of ignoring issues.

Fans have been discussing how on several occasions, NCT127’s Taeyong has been facing back pain for years, be it at a concert or during a practice session or coming out of the airport. Even while hanging out with the group, the idol needs more pillows to become comfortable with his posture.

On many occasions, while carrying out challenging tasks at variety shows or programs, Taeyong kept saying Aegyo (Korean expression for something that is uncomfortable or painful) as he had difficulty getting up because of his back injury and related issues.

since it was reported about earlier and shocked everyone, i made this to show what taeyong has been dealing with for many years with his back/waist + more and how terrible sm is for overworking him and not letting him rest.

In many instances, NCT127’s Taeyong has expressed that he wears a neck protector due to his old neck injury, and that idols have to wear it all the time because of continuous dancing practice and lack of rest. Fans want SM Entertainment to give the idol some time to recover and be free from overworking.

When NCT members appeared on the show, they revealed that GYM JONG KOOK is the first that they had selected to promote their newly repackaged album, Ay-Yo. The idol did many exercises and workouts on the show, and while he sometimes became exhuasted, he kept trying to measure his strength.

Upon asking if the members have volunteered to appear on the program, NCT127’s Taeyong replied that he had indeed volunteered, but explained that he had a really bad back. He further stated that it was so bad that he has been facing paralysis in his legs.

Upon hearing the serious issue, the Kim Jong-kook stated that when he was young, he was a part of a dance group and had often felt the same pain. However, he overcame it and could completely understand what Taeyong is dealing with. Jong-kook also told him that he had had many such experiences.

During the approximately 26-minute show, Kim Jong-kook went on to give detailed advice to the members, watching their form while they carried out their respectful workouts.

So actually there’s only two member who join the content, but since Taeyong had bad back pain until he was feels paralyzed in his lower body so he volunteered. Taeyong, please take care of yourselves🥺Anw,your presence makes the content more lively😊
how can you say that with a smile on your face 😭😭 take care Taeyong 🙁
He is looking so good but his neck is super red. Please take care ❤️❤️😭😭 #툥스타그램 #태용 #툥블답장 #TAEYONG
Also i need someone to tell taeyong that he worked hard this far, i need someone to tell that he's cool much cooler than he imagined.. i need someone to tell him to relax his shoulders tonight and take care, he deserves the best :( 💚
Is his back pain back again. #TAEYONG PLEASE TACKE CARE YOURSELF.#NCT127 #인기가요#영웅 #英雄 #KickIt#NCT127_영웅_英雄 #NCT127_KickIt @NCTsmtown_127
Rabbit plushie supports Taeyong's legs. His back pain 😢
Taeyong is still using cushions for his back does this mean he still has back pain??😭😭

Know more about NCT127’s Taeyong

NCT127’s Taeyong has been a member of the boy group NCT and its sub-units, NCT 127 and NCT U. He has been associated with SM Entertainment, one of the most popular agencies in South Korea, since 2013, and was introduced as part of SM Rookies.

NCT127’s Taeyong made his official debut in the K-pop industry with the sub-unit NCT U, with the 7th sense in 2016. Later, in 2017, the idol also debuted with NCT 127 with the hit song, Fire Truck. He has been highly active and fans have been concerned about his health since he gave his best but hides his pain too.

NCT127’s Taeyong is currently occupied with his fellow group members in promoting their repackaged album, Ay-yo.

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