"Jaemin Deserves Better" trends on Twitter after SM Entertainment leaves NCT Dream's Jaemin out of Candy promotions

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NCT Dream's Jaemin excluded out of Instagram Candy filters (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_DREAM)

Under NCT Dream's official Instagram account, SM Entertainment released personalized Candy filters for each member, except for NCT Dream's Jaemin. The filters are part of the promotions for their later mini-album release, Candy. When Jaemin's filter was excluded from the same, fans grew furious over the constant mistakes surrounding the idol.

Though fans initially thought there was just a simple delay in its release, the filter still hasn't been uploaded, further upsetting fans. They also noticed that this wasn't the first time Jaemin received mistreatment from his company.

As more and more issues surface around the idol, fans are bringing back attention to the continuing problem and are trying to get a proper apology from SM Entertainment.

NCTzens bring up a pattern of NCT Dream's Jaemin's mistreatment following the exclusion of his Candy filter

As NCT Dream's Jaemin continues to be the subject of mistreatment from SM Entertainment, fans have raised concerns about the same. They are also backing up their statements with evidence to prove that their accusations aren't baseless. From giving Jaemin ill-fitting clothes to constantly leaving him out of promotional content, fans speculate that it might not be by accident or coincidence.

The idol has been left out of NCT Dream's Love Again album poster, their Dream Cafe merch images, and the poster of Just Like When It Was 8.25. Moreover, there have been one too many instances where Jaemin was given clothes that fit him poorly and shoes that were too big for him. Even with concept photoshoots, the idol often has the least amount of accessories or no props.

Last year, during NCT 2021, fans also noticed that his name wasn't included in the song Universe (Let's Play Ball), in which Jaemin participated.

With the Candy promotions, fans have noticed that these mistakes have begun to roll out once again. During many Candy performances, NCT Dream's Jaemin was the only one who lacked head accessories, and he himself mentioned that he's rarely given props or accessories to wear on stage.

NCTzens continue to flood Twitter as they trend "Apologize to Jaemin" and "Jaemin Deserves Better," fixed on gaining SM Entertainment’s attention to address the ongoing issue.

Considering SM is one of the biggest K-pop companies in the industry, fans believe that it's unacceptable for them to showcase one too many instances of their ill-treatment towards NCT Dream's Jaemin.

Considering the fame and popularity of both the company and the K-pop group, fans find it fit for the staff to receive better training, as they need to be held accountable for the mistakes that make Jaemin's mistreatment a constant occurrence.

Since this isn't the first time, fans have trended the issue on Twitter. However, they are slowly losing their patience in waiting for their idol to receive proper management from his company.

As NCTzens continue to flood Twitter with concerns for Jaemin, they hope that SM Entertainment will release Jaemin’s Candy filter and an official apology for their one too many mishaps.

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