The Boyz Eric's new solo under fire for plagiarizing B.A.P.'s Coffee Shop

The Boyz Eric
The Boyz Eric's new solo under fire for plagiarism (Image via Twitter/@starfess)

After a brief hiatus pertaining to his health issues, The Boyz Eric finally resumed his activities as a K-pop idol on December 22 (his birthday) with the release of his new solo song, 4:03 (Jet Lag) featuring DAVII. While many fans celebrated his return, several netizens found that the melodies sound a lot like B.A.P.'s Coffee Shop.

Given Eric's participation as the lyricist and composer for the song, netizens find it fit to hold the idol accountable for the mishap. The song's producer, Dyan, also confessed that he had unintentionally seemed to have plagiarized B.A.P.'s Coffee Shop, which was released in 2013.

Fans take to Twitter urging an apology from The Boyz Eric for plagiarism

After the song was released on SoundCloud, many The Bs (The Boyz's fandom name) rushed to listen to the birthday present that Eric had put out for them. However, many listeners noticed that the two songs, 4:03 (Jet Lag) and Coffee Shop, sounded similar, especially at the beginning of the song.

Despite being The Boyz Eric's fans, some Twitteratis believed that holding him accountable for such a mistake was the right thing to do. On the other hand, there were also fans who defended him by arguing that the idol wasn't the producer. They further suggested that given Eric just returned from his hiatus, an awaiting scandal is not what he needed.

Regardless, the internet has been filled with theories, proof, and opinions about the situation, and netizens aren't looking forward to let the plagiarism slide without a proper apology to B.A.P.

Eric's fellow band member Kevin created the cover of 4:03 (feat. DAVII)

The Boyz Eric, who has released many solo tracks on SoundCloud, is back with another song to not just celebrate the return from his hiatus but also to present The Bs with a gift on his birthday. After months of the idol's absence and a whole comeback without him, fans celebrated his return with much pomp and joy.

The song is both written and composed by the idol himself. Moreover, to make things more sentimental, his fellow member Kevin designed the song's cover. Kevin, who's known for his artistic skills, has participated in creating many of The Boyz's album covers, and he's sure not to let his band member down with his design this time either.

Earlier this year, in March, IST Entertainment announced that The Boyz Eric will be taking time off from his schedule to focus on his health. The idol went back home to the US to get ample rest and returned to Korea in September. Following him, his fellow member Sunwoo had also gone into a hiatus corresponding to the same reasons. The two idols finally returned back to the schedules this December.

While many fans are sad that the events surrounding The Boyz Eric's return aren't the best, they still hope for an ease in the situation and an apology from all artists involved on the resulting plagiarism of B.A.P.'s Coffee Shop.

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