The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Fans go gaga over Torres, whom they believe is the "second Falcon

Image via Marvel
Image via Marvel
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Joaquin Torres is apparently going to be the new Winter Soldier, according to many excited fans.

There seems to be many reasons for fans to favor Joaquin Torres as the new falcon. It doesn't hurt that he's also a rather handsome and charming character that makes a lot of people want to be around him. To quote one Twitter user:

“Torres is already my favorite character in #FalconAndWinterSoldier”

Other users have joined in on this sentiment for the new well-liked character. Some quotes that continue to be repeated are:

“#FalconAndWinterSoldier joaquin torres has stolen my heart that is all”
“people are allowed to dislike things.. WRONG no one is allowed to dislike torres”

In addition to being well liked, fans want Joaquin Torres to be a permanent member of the series, as the new Falcon. There is no doubt that Marvel succeeded with their Superhero addition to the MCU roster.

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The new series is likely to feature Joaquin Torres as the falcon

In the recent Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode, the opening sequence features a character named Joaquin Torres, who aids Sam Wilson in his mission to recover a hostage officer. He also has to investigate new enemies the Flag Smashers, who are some new bad guys.

Sam Wilson isn't even endowed with superpowers, as many people can attest to. Falcon is a former member of Special Operations. Torres is the same type of hero, who worked hard to gain the things that make him special. It is clear from this episode that Torres is a capable military operative.

From his role on the show, fans assume that his skill level will be enough for him to be the new sidekick to Captain America, who is now Sam Wilson. It is confirmed by the fact that Joaquin Torres is the Falcon of Earth-616 in Captain America: Sam Wilson comic.

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