The Hightown Season 3 cast reveals what they will miss the most about the show (Exclusive)

Dohn Norwood and Atkins Estimond (Images provided by Starz PR)
Dohn Norwood and Atkins Estimond (Images provided by Starz PR)

The third and final season of Hightown premieres on Friday, January 26, 2024, on the STARZ app (as well as all STARZ streaming and on-demand platforms). Prior to that, actors Atkins Estimond (Osito) and Dohn Norwood (Alan Saintille) joined SK POP to bid farewell to the series and hype up what fans can expect in the season to follow.

Viewers in the United States and Canada can also catch Hightown Season 3 in linear format at 9 pm ET/PT. From addiction to violence, the series is still just as gripping as ever, as the story reaches its epic conclusion.

Watch the interview in its entirety in video format below or read on to find out what the cast has to say:


How would Hightown Season 3 be summarized in one word, according to the cast?

Dohn Norwood and Atkins Estimond represent two sides of the law in Hightown. But they are aligned when asked to summarize Season 3 in one word.

Veteran actor Norwood, who's been a part of popular shows like Mindhunter, among others, said the following about the final season:


Estimond echoes this sentiment:

"Yeah, that's good. Surprise. I think for a lot of the characters- surprising moments."

Dohn Norwood's character - Sgt. Alan Saintille represents law enforcement on the show, determined to make a difference in the drug-ridden landscape of Cape Cod. The actor stated what he will miss most about Hightown as the show concludes:

"I really miss working with my peers. I really look forward to the time spent with them. Talented, humble people who I enjoy learning from and working with. Everyone is a consummate professional, which works really well in the scenes."

He went on to discuss how everyone in Hightown was allowed the freedom to work with everyone else:

"Loved how they allowed us to kinda do the round robin of being able to work opposite one another in various circumstances and contexts. I guess I'll miss that most of all. Actually working with my fellow cast members and the crew."

Atkins Estimond, who plays hardened criminal Osito, an integral part of the story from the first episode, agreed with his castmate:

"100%. I have to say the same. This has been a very special experience. You know you work on different projects the way that everything has gelled, it's unlike any other project I've ever been on. And like Dohn said, I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from my fellow castmates and the crew."

Working so closely with the cast and crew, Estimond feels like by the end, they became family to him:

"When you're on set, you end up spending more time with these people than you do with your family at some points, you know. So you get really close and the whole time has been an amazing experience. So, definitely that is something I'm really going to miss."

Watch the chaos unfold as Hightown Season 3 unravels a brand new story designed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

In addition to Norwood and Estimond, the show also stars Monica Raymund, Riley Voelkel, and James Badge Dale, among others.

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