The story of the Gorilla Glue girl so far

Gorilla Glue Girl (Image Via Sportskeeda)
Gorilla Glue Girl (Image Via Sportskeeda)

TikTok user Tessica Brown found out the hard way that a Gorilla Glue spray is not a beauty product. While the spray undoubtedly holds things together, Brown didn't intend for her hair to stay in the same place for over a month.

After she released a video addressing her predicament, the internet dubbed her 'the Gorilla Glue girl.' This has skyrocketed her to fame overnight with recognition on social media platforms.

In her video, Brown reveals the stiffness of her hair. Even after removing the hair-tie, it stays in place, effectively cemented to its last position before the industrial-grade glue was applied.

It all started in January 2020 when Brown decided to style her hair differently. What she needed was hairstyling glue available on most supermarket shelves. But she ended up getting Gorilla Glue spray instead.

For obvious reasons, this did not turn out well and quickly turned into a hellish ordeal. The video captures her shock and pain.

When used on a surface, the adhesive forms a permanent bond that is moisture resistant. Brown's futile attempts at removing glue with household items were in vain.

On social media, a dermatologist pointed out that only acetone could potentially remove the hair spray. But Brown needed to visit a specialist for that.

Even Gorilla Glue issued a statement addressing the situation.

Gorilla Glue girl gets professional help.

Since posting about the incident on Twitter, Brown has received enormous support from the internet. After living with glued hair for over a month, she decided to seek professional help.

Brown went to the ER to seek medical treatment and assess the damage caused to her hair and scalp.

After the medical examination, Brown was given medication to help her deal with the situation. It is unclear how long it will take to remove the glue from her scalp altogether.

According to the latest reports, Brown is reportedly getting plastic surgery to fix her hair. The plastic surgeon is doing the procedure for free.

Gorilla Glue's nightmare

Things took a strange turn when a concerned public pointed out a lack of accountability by the company regarding Gorilla Glue products' warning label.

While the label mentions, "Do not swallow. Don't get in the eyes, on the skin or clothing," the social media mob pointed out that hair isn't mentioned. Although obvious, the warning should be clear and prominent.

According to TMZ, Brown is allegedly planning legal action, after multiple failed attempts to remove the glue from the hair and scalp, against Gorilla Glue for failing to provide proper warning on the label.

Twitter reacts

While the legal battle's future is unclear, Twitter has been on fire since Brown's video was first released.

Here are some of the best reactions to the entire situation:

As of now, there are no updates on the lawsuit. Hopefully, the plastic surgeon will untangle Brown's hair and get her out of this sticky situation.

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