The Voice Season 22: Fans have mixed reactions after John Legend picks Valerie over Dia in the Battle Rounds

Valerie Harding from The Voice (Image via Instagram/@msval4eva)
Valerie Harding from The Voice (Image via Instagram/@msval4eva)

NBC's The Voice Season 22 returned for another impeccable episode on Tuesday night, October 11, 2022. The Battle Rounds officially started this week, and the coaches prepared their teams with the help of their celebrity battle advisors. Only one contestant from each battle would advance to the Knockouts. The coaches also had the option to either save or steal one contestant of their choice.

Gwen Stefani's team kicked off episode 8 on Tuesday night with an angelic performance. The next team to perform in the Battle Rounds was from Team Legend. John Legend chose Valerie Harding and Dia Malai to compete against each other.

ok yep love a sassy battle moment with @diamalai and Valarie Harding #thevoice

The celebrity advisor John chose this season was famed artist Jazmine Sullivan, and he picked her song, Bust Your Windows, for the Battle Round. Following Dia and Valerie's performance, the coaches were left confused about whom to advance to the next round.

While they complimented Dia's style and outfit choices, it was clear that Valerie performed better, which is why Valerie was declared the winner and sent to the Knockouts.

Upon witnessing John Legend make his decision, fans took to social media to share their opinion. While some applauded him for picking Valerie and claimed it was the right choice, others claimed that Dia should've gone through instead.

Fans split over John Legend crowning Valerie as the winner of the Battle Rounds in The Voice Season 22, Episode 8

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Valerie was the right choice and deserved to win the Battle Round because she outshone Dia. However, some fans pointed out that Dia performed better and should've been chosen as the winner instead. Some also pointed out that the decision should be made based on performance, not fashion choices, thereby making Valerie the right choice.

@NBCTheVoice @DiaMalai What's the problem? If they loved Dias look but Valerie's voice then that's the answer. Isnt it easier to dress someone up like a star than to get them to sound like one? Just put Dias look on Val Boom you got a star. We arent being ageist a little now are we????
@sherryfit4life @NBCTheVoice @DiaMalai That’s my thought. Voice or looks? This show is called The Voice not The Look. What’s wrong with using your save on Valerie @johnlegend
@johnlegend #TheVoice I disagree with your choice, you should have taken Dia!
Mr John legend thank u for a great r&b battle round performance tonight and i wanna tell u i might would of choose dia malai as the battle round winner and i dia was a little more soulful with jasmine Sullivan song @johnlegend #TheVoice
Dia Malai shouldve won that battle, thatwas so wrong.@johnlegend #TheVoice
@johnlegend #TheVoice You are the expert but(aab) I think You should have kept Dia...
Grear choice, dia was good but valeria definitelyout sang her @johnlegend #TheVoice
I wanna say dia won this battle round performance and dia was more soulful and valeria did a good job of the song and i wanna say dia is my choice for the winner #TheVoice…
I agree with @gwenstefani that Valerie had us hooked with her voice but Did had us hooked by personality and drama #VOICE22 #TheVoice
@johnlegend #TheVoice Valerie completely blew that Battle away! You go girl!
So glad you picked valerie to win the battle she was as you said the better voice.💖@johnlegend #TheVoice
I am so glad John chose Valerie on the voice cause yea they was Abt to choose looks over vocals @johnlegend #TheVoice
Valerie was DEFINITELY the winner on that battle!!! @johnlegend #TheVoice
@johnlegend @NBCTheVoice @DiaMalai John is absolutely right to honor the voice and go with Val. I like Dia but she has time to perfect her craft.

Here's what the coaches had to say about Dia and Valerie's performance on The Voice Season 22:

During rehearsals, Jazmine advised Dia to be a "little more slinky" and make her performance "less pretty." John and Jazmine helped Valerie with her phrasing.

While Dia impressed everyone with her stage presence during her performance, there was something that stood out about Valerie's tone. She connected with the song better than Dia, but both performed their best.

An electric performance by @diamalai & Valerie #TeamLegend #TheVoice

After their performance, Blake complimented Dia, claiming she was more consistent. However, he also added that Valerie's presence was more "explosive" than Dia's.

Camila Cabello said that Valerie's performance scored better in terms of technicality. However, she also added that Dia was a better performer and kept her engaged. Camila revealed that if the choice was up to her, she would pick Dia.

Gwen Stefani told Dia that she stole her heart. John Legend added that althought The Voice contestant embraced the character, Valerie could sing better. Ultimately, he picked Valerie as the winner. Sadly, no one used their one steal for Dia, thereby leading to her elimination.

The Voice Season 22 will return to NBC on Monday and Tuesday next week at 8 pm ET. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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