"The whole thing is honestly kind of sad": Jackie La Bonita TikTok bullying controversy explained as doxxing goes viral 

TikToker Jackie La Bonita goes viral after exposing bullies (Image via jackielabonita/TikTok)
TikToker Jackie La Bonita goes viral after exposing bullies (Image via jackielabonita/TikTok)

TikToker Jackie La Bonita is causing a stir across social media platforms. The netizen went viral for exposing two women who were making fun of her for taking pictures at a Houston Astros game. A video of the same garnered over 20 million views across social media platforms, with a celebrity opining on the matter as well.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators in question were doxxed on social media, leading to one netizen, @JuniorMoff, even questioning whether exposing the two women online was worth it. In response, someone else opined:

The caption of the viral video read:

“Watch my confidence disappear after these random girls make fun of me for taking pics.”

In the clip, Jackie La Bonita was seen taking pictures of herself at a baseball game. A woman seen in the background then proceeds to give the TikToker the middle finger and a side-eye. At one point, the woman begins recording Jackie as well and calling her “lame.” She is then seen conversing with her friend sitting next to her.

In the video, La Bonita claimed that she could hear the two speaking about her. Then, the two women smile, laugh, and stick their tongues out in the TikToker’s direction.

In the video, the TikToker claimed that the situation made her want to cry.

Bullies in Jackie La Bonita’s video exposed

The situation garnered traction on social media, with even rapper Cardi B extending support towards Jackie La Bonita, saying,

“I would of put that ring to use.”

For the uninitiated, doxxing refers to digging up private information about someone and making it public, typically with malicious intent. One of the many netizens who shared details about the two women was TikTok user @araa.4. She shared a photo of the girls along with their names, Litzareli Madrigal and Alondra Poullet.

Information regarding where Madrigal supposedly works also found its way online. Twitter user @JuniorMofff shared that the bully who went viral online works for Limestone Commercial Real Estate. Google claimed that they were permanently closed. The Twitter user also added:

“A reminder that it takes one time to go viral and it’ll ruin your life. Was it worth it?”

The ex-boyfriend of one of the bullies was also seemingly doxxed, which led to him addressing the matter on his TikTok account. @stephano_z claimed that his family was getting attacked online following the scandal. He also debunked rumors of one of the girls working at Limestone Commercial Real Estate and asked netizens not to post negative reviews about them online. He also added:

“I don’t understand how you guys stand against bullying and literally cyber-bullying every single person that is not even involved in this and going as far to take down a company just because you thought she worked there.”

TikTok user @jocelynxcarreno also took to her account and revealed that she was getting attacked on social media as many mistook her for one of the bullies.

Several netizens felt sorry for the two women who ended up getting doxxed on social media. Twitter user @kattenbarge explained that oftentimes, “women and marginalized groups” get harassed across social media if they take part in “mildly shameful behavior.”

At the time of writing this article, Jackie La Bonita had not addressed the matter on her social media accounts.

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Edited by Karishma Rao