"They are killing it": Fans ecstatic as Stray Kids' 3RACHA spends 100 weeks on Billboard Japan's Hot 100 Lyricists and Hot 100 Composers charts

Stray Kids
Stray Kids' 3RACHA (Image Via HANJISUNGIDN/@X)

K-pop powerhouse Stray Kids' members have become the first 4th generation artists to spend 100 weeks on the Billboard Japan charts. The rap line of the group, popularly referred to as 3RACHA, is all over the internet for achieving this feat, that broke the internet on Thursday, November 30.

Bang Chan, HAN, and Changbin are the three group members who go by 3RACHA, and they have effortlessly managed to stay on the Hot 100 Lyricists chart and the Hot 100 Composers chart of Billboard Japan. This has demonstrated their music's impact on the fans in the country. To celebrate this remarkable achievement, their fans took to social media to praise the artists, stating,

“They are killing it.”

Musketeers of making music”: Stray Kids’ fans celebrate as members spent 100 weeks on Billboard Japan

On November 30, all 3RACHA members were recorded to have spent 100 cumulative weeks on Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 Lyricists and Hot 100 Composers charts. Despite being a sub-unit, this has made them the first 4th generation group to reach this commendable milestone.

Bang Chan, HAN, and Changbin are widely popular for their unique music composing skills, and fans have named them "self-composed K-pop idols." The producer trio has dropped electrifying songs in 2023 like LALALALA, MEGAVERSE, S-Class, and many more.

Many excited fans have expressed their pride in their favorite idols by congratulating them on this remarkable achievement. The group's fans, aka STAYs, are trending #3RACHA_100Weeks_OnBillboard on X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate this memorable moment.

More about Stray Kids' music on international charts

Stray Kids have been receiving love from fans all across the globe for their music as they have also taken over Billboard charts in the West. The group headlined one of the highly popular music festivals, the 2023 Lollapalooza in Paris. 3RACHA also showcased their talents in front of thousands of audiences at the Global Citizen Festival in New York this year.

The K-pop boy group dropped their latest mini album, titled ROCK-STAR, which entered the Billboard 200 Album chart at No. 1. ROCK-STAR is one of the four albums by Stray Kids to achieve this feat, following the EP 5-STAR, which spent 16 weeks on the chart previously.

The group has proven its enormous impact on the music industry by claiming multiple spots on Billboard's year-end charts. 5-STAR reached rank No. 82 on the Billboard's Year-End 200 Album chart. Along with 5-STAR at No. 1, another album Maxident, took No. 47 on the Top Album Sales chart. It also secured the No. 1 spot on the World Albums chart.

The Album S-Class also bagged the Top K-pop Album award at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards while making its debut performance at the award show. They also took home Best K-pop Album at the 2023 Video Music Awards.

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