"This is the best thing ever": Fans celebrate as BTS' RM leaves the comments section open in his new Instagram account

BTS' RM (Image via Instagram/@ rpwprpwprpwp)

On Thursday, November 23, BTS' RM kickstarted a new Instagram account, @rpwprpwprpwp, and made his first post on the same, which included a thread of two images. While fans were intrigued about the purpose behind the idol's additional Instagram account, they immediately noticed that the comments section was publicly accessible. Naturally, ARMYs couldn't help but celebrate the same.

Given that all BTS members, when they initially opened up their personal Instagram accounts, limited the comments only to their fellow members, fans were thrilled to learn that they can now engage with RM through the comments section of his new Instagram account.

However, as the celebration of the same continues, fans have also been speculating that the new account and the post under the same could allude to the possible release of new music or a project.

Fans thrilled as BTS' RM opens up a new Instagram account, presumably alluding to new music release

On November 23, BTS' RM changed the profile picture and bio of his original Instagram account, @rkive. While the profile picture was changed to a plain black image, his bio only contained the link to his recently opened Instagram profile, @rpwprpwprpwp.

On his new profile, the idol posted a thread of two images. The first looked like a behind-the-scenes picture, given the cameras that surrounded him, and the second one was a close-up photo of a few sunflowers.

As soon as the images landed on the internet, fans couldn't help but fire their theories about the whole series of events that took place. They first focused on the meaning behind the complex and confusing username for RM's new Instagram account. Many believe that it either means "I'll make it" or "It's me," since the username typed in a Korean keyword presents these commonly used acronyms.

Furthermore, fans also feel that the new Instagram mostly has to do with an upcoming project the idol is planning to roll out before leaving for his mandatory military enlistment.

Given that the idol has talked about working on new music and projects in the recent Weverse live streams he's broadcasted, fans believe that they can look forward to something interesting very soon. However, ARMYs are still unsure what kind of project it'll be, as their predictions range from an upcoming album to a documentary.

In the second image with the sunflowers, fans pondered on the symbolism behind the same. Several fans think that the photo is inspired by the famous Sunflower series of the popular Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Therefore, fans believe that it might be the theme or an aspect of whatever BTS' RM has in store for them. As the theories continue to flood the internet, fans couldn't be happier to indulge in all the new content that's piled up for them.

Additionally, given that the comments section of the BTS rapper's new Instagram account is accessible to everyone for the first time since the members kickstarted their personal accounts, fans have been flooding their words of love, support, and other messages they've been dying to convey to him.

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Edited by Susrita Das