"This is more hotter than the actual scene": Fans swoon over Song Kang & Kim Yoo-jung's behind-the-scenes for My Demon

Featuring Song Kang & Kim Yoo-jung (Image via SBS)
Featuring Song Kang & Kim Yoo-jung (Image via SBS)

Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung, stars of the popular smash-hit fantasy and romance series My Demon, never cease to enthrall K-drama fans with their scorching chemistry both on and off the screen. The behind-the-scenes for episode 9 of the drama has been going viral on social media.

The fantasy drama delves into the story of a rich CEO, Do Do-hee who is involved in a power struggle against her family regarding the conglomerate they own and enters into a contract marriage with a Demon to protect herself.

As the behind-the-scenes footage of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung's romantic scenes went viral on social media, fans couldn't stop swooning over it, with some even stating that their offscreen chemistry is much hotter than their onscreen chemistry.

"They're driving everyone crazy even in bts": Fans can't get enough of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung's behind-the-scenes chemistry for My Demon

The chemistry between Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung is making fans of the Korean drama My Demon go crazy as a series of behind-the-scenes footage for the show becomes popular on social media.

Fans have been thrilled to watch the filming of intimate scenes, including pulling each other closer, staring lovingly, kissing, and sharing many bed scenes, fans are thrilled. The duo plays the role of a husband and wife head over heels for each other in the drama, and fans can feel that they are acting more intimately and explicitly behind the scenes.

They observe that the pair is more playful and comfortable with each other. Many fans also feel that Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung are not just acting but are falling in love during the filming of My Demon.

K-drama fans are going gaga over how they stare at each other and play tricks in the behind-the-scenes video of the drama. They also express that they wait for the behind-the-scenes of the ongoing episode more than they wait for the actual episodes.

Here are some of the fans' reactions to the behind-the-scenes of My Demon featuring Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung.

Meanwhile, in the latest episode 10, Song Kang's character Jeong Gu-won has finally received his tattoo back from Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yoo-jung), indicating that both husband and wife will live, and the Demon has regained his power.

Fans are also eagerly awaiting the next episodes, as the preview for episode 11 suggests that Do Do-hee's close friend Joo Seok-hun will betray her and join hands with the rival party.

My Demon's episodes 11 and 12 are scheduled to air on January 5 and 6, respectively. Both will be available to stream on Netflix.

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